Pebble Time app for iOS

The first Pebble Time have already reached their users and iPhone users are still not able to use it for lack of an app for iOS

The Pebble Time began to reach users on 27 May and, although some sources had indicated that the company may be experiencing severe financing problems, the launch of the second generation of its smartwatch not appear to be affected. However, many iPhone users who have received their Pebble Time recently have you found with surprise that they can not use, guess why?

Pebble Time Smartwatch

Incredibly, is not yet available application for iOS Pebble Time, an indispensable tool for synchronizing the clock with our iPhone requirement. But it seems that this time the fault is no Pebble, because Android users are able to enjoy their smartwatch smoothly thanks to the app has been available on the Play Store for days.

The company has fended off criticism of iOS users claiming that the app is ready for weeks, but for some reason the review process being carried out by the team of the App Store is taking longer than habitual. In fact, Pebble has attached a screenshot in which the review status of the application, as you can see, has gone through several phases somewhat strange shown.

Initially the application of Pebble Time was sent for review on May 11 and was approved on May 18, pending the company decided to publish it when it saw fit.However, on May 22 Pebble team added a new version to correct “minor errors”, five days before the official launch of the smartwatch. When he arrived on 27 May, the app was still “under review”, which Pebble blames “the vagaries in the approval process for the App Store and its rules.”

Pebble refers to delay approval of your app as an “obstruction” by Apple

The company did not hesitate at any time to refer to this delay as an “obstruction” by Apple and encourages its users to get their discomfort to the Cupertino through social networks via hashtag #FreeOurPebbleTime. The workaround recommendsPebble all those iOS users who have already received your watch and is still waiting to borrow an Android phone to a friend or relative and perform the synchronization process.

Although times for approval of an app in the App Store are around 10 days, so Apple still be found in its usual term Pebble recalled that take 43 days waiting for the company to approve them an update for implementation Pebble for iOS.

Note: iOS is an operating system developed by Apple company. Click here for more meanings.