Oxford Women’s Shoe

Shoe male source makes success in women’s feet.

The men’s shoe Oxford won the feet of women recently and doesn’t seem to want to leave. This style of footwear also called bicolor became famous male feet and your feet are the origin of the students at the University of Oxford, England. The Oxford is a closed shoe, which resembles a shoe with a slight social rounded beak and with discreet little braid appears.

A footwear classic that won a female version remodeled, with different fabrics and prints. Some models have won jump, more rounded, more pointy beak or with different prints, the important thing is that he gives charm and romanticism to visual, leaving the wife even more beautiful and elegant.

How To Use Oxford Female

The Oxford despite having a male origin can leave the visual more feminine, soft and casual, especially models with flowery prints. When buying a shoe like this start by selecting the pattern you want and if it is or not. The Oxford flats are more versatile and charming, can be colors like brown or caramel, classics, or in lighter colors such as beige, white, pink or clear. Can also be printed as black and white or flowery. It can be worn with skirts, the combination more skirt pantyhose House perfectly with it, especially if you’re a light-colored Oxford.

Can be used with romantic dresses and skinny jeans, breaking a little visual. Tailoring shorts and jeans also combine well with this model. The secret is to give prominence to the pieces below and use the most basic shirts and blouses. If you call too much attention upon the visual can be uploaded since this is a shoe that calls attention to itself. The tip is to avoid using the Oxford with sportswear or casual more like the long skirts, balloon or ball.

Choosing The Model

In choosing the template choose one that has more to do with your personality and wardrobe. Who likes a basic style can opt for the Oxford Brown, white or black and white, the most deprived can choose the black, colored and varnished models with flowery prints. The important thing is to have a wardrobe. It should be used in more informal occasions.