Outerwear Must-have

Trend report: we speak of the cape and the rich history of fascination and mystery. Any recommendations of the fashion-editor on how to wear the leader must for this fall / winter.

Outerwear Must-have

The oversized outerwear is definitely back in the limelight. The fashion shows of the latest fashion weeks are clear: at least this year will put aside fitting lines and wraparound, to give way to broader forms and flared hoods, capes and coats.

From 800 to now the evolution of the cape was significant: Are we talking about the most basic and minimal coats of all time because it is made from a single cut of cloth. Since the Middle Ages was the only head against the cold, often made of wool, cloth, or, for the more affluent social classes, padded velvet or fur. It is Victorian England at the end of ‘800 we see appear the first decorations and paisley embroidery and raw edges fur, often contrasting. in the 30s it was the outerwear for pregnant of overseas stars and those homegrown: the Marchesa Luisa Casati, for example, the style icon. Gabriele D’Annunzio’s lover and muse of the Futurists, in fact, is portrayed in a shot a little ‘blurred with a leopard on a leash and a white cloak lined with ermine. In the 60s, the cape is back in vogue, and it is a tug of war between the almost austere minimalism of Saint Laurent and the pure color and fancy free Pucci.

Recent interpretations of fashion designers have contributed to “rejuvenate” the boss so far considered too classic, austere, and a tad bit outmoded , a boss dropped a bit ‘on the back burner: in the 2000s he had peeped shyly at some collection of Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen.
the capes that have trod the catwalks of latest fashion week are united by a characteristic egg shape, with vertical slits that leave uncovered the forearms, and the wide variety of fabrics and textures such as faux leather and tartan and decorative elements as the studs, a culmination of that vaguely grunge mood sought by many designers.

How to wear it:

Look for a bon-ton chic pair with a pencil skirt just above the knee and a pair of heeled brogues. The detail of style? A cloche hat!

For a grunge look you dare with a total black: choose a hood or a cape in leather or faux fur, strictly with hood and wear it on a pair of skinny blacks and biker boots . Embellished with some details in silver jewelry or accessories.

For a casual look bets on a cape in a classic tartan (like that of Zara in the picture below) and wear it with a pair of jeans in dark wash and a mannish white shirt, sneakers, or oxfords the foot and a soft cap at the nape .