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The company of our site

Joseph Witt is one of the pioneers in the shipping trade. Over 100 years ago, the company’s founder had the idea to send mode quickly and safely.in 1913 moved to pastures and today, the online store is a fixed size in the mail order segment with our site. The company has 2,400 employees who ship worldwide up to 75,000 items a day. And even if the fashion experts distributed each year still catalogs in hundreds of millions, the online shop Witt our site gains more and more importance.

The fashion range in the our site online shop

User friendly and easy to use, the online shop presents itself. Started by current women’s and men’s fashion, lingerie, shoes and health article to home textiles, housewares and everything that makes the home more beautiful, there are extensive, constantly renewed. In the theme worlds there are specials like best-selling seasonal, casual wear, color trends, fashion trends, and much more.

Particularly noteworthy are the sections “A size-a price” and “Big sizes”.And fashion in XXL must be neither expensive nor old-fashioned. At our site, fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen will find a wide range of business, leisure and Casualmode. Fashion in XXL in the our site online shop means that you can find models until size 56.

The product range is specially cut to size on their carrier, for large sizes have their own claims to the fit. Each model has its own photo and a detailed description of the product. Here you can get also first suggestion for possible combinations. In the product description, you will find information on the material used, available sizes, colors, and care instructions.

The usability of the site

Fashion in XXL order is very easy in the our site online shop. On the product page, you can enter the desired color and size.

Size help: one is not sure what size you need, there is an information box with clues on how taking the best measure and his personal greatness determined what is very important just when fashion in XXL.

Already in the selection, obtained the information, whether the item is available or when it can be supplied. After it has put his desire part in the shopping cart, you can either weitershoppen, or go to the virtual office. The entire shopping in the overview can be seen once again in the shopping cart.

Payment options and shipping

After entering the order details, you have the possibility to choose SEPA credit transfer, credit card payment, between the types of payment on account and cash on delivery. You can continue to choose between hire purchase (three or six months) or with a payment holiday. Here, extra charges apply. Typically delivery package shop within a week straight to your home or to a Hermes.

The order should once meet the wishes of not, there’s a free return service.

Customer service

For inquiries related to the online shop, there’s a pay hotline number ***.


The our site online shop boasts many years of experience. Here is the customer at the Center. The staff from the search are daily according to latest trends not only for fashion in XXL garment. The our site buyers will find textiles made from certified organic cotton. Our site the online shop with very good in terms of customer satisfaction, Witt our site is certified by the EHI retail Institute and belongs to the trusted shops.