Orkut Will Go Through New Changes in Visual

Will we spend six months without that Google did not invent a new redesign in your social network. That’s right, the Internet company announced that the look of Orkut will undergo slight changes which should please in full Brazilian users – that while they do not migrate from time to Facebook, what should happen in a few years.

The new features, which are expected to become operational in the next two weeks, are aimed at the user experience when using social networking to communicate with friends and participate in communities.

The navigation within the Orkut will change. The main items that are most popular with users, will for the sidebar is on the left of the page. It is there that are the latest updates to Internet users and their friends, for example, just one click away (this when the home page). And the profile view has also been modified, allowing other users to find information with facilities on the person, testimonials, photos, videos and even thenotorious stamps.

As if this were not enough, the photo albums gain new look in the next. The images will count display mode with full screen, which leaves all around the darker picture and still allows you to view the comments. Very similar to the new view photos of Facebook, which has generated many complaints.

Finally, avatars bigger! Google not only warned that the images used in the avatar will take up more space, and asked users to come up new avatars, quality and resolution consistent with this change.