Open Surprise Gift with Balloons

Another attractive offer from us to surprise birthday, loved one or friend.

Unusual and cheerful way to surprise your friends will be wondering where their gift is and what he is.

The balloon can put small gifts in sizes up to 10 cm in diameter, small stuffed animals and certain sum of money. It is not desirable that the packaging box which can be placed on the gift have no sharp edges.

After putting gift in a balloon, it put smaller colored bubbles for more mood to “hide” surprise. See cheap balloons wholesale at

The colors of bubbles, which are placed inside for extra arrangement depends entirely on your desire or your favorite colors, that of whom will be donated.

Here you can find several types of packaging printing balloons – dots, flowers, stars, with the inscription “I Love You”.

The price of the gift balloon is between BGN 10 and 18lv, Depending on how the arrangement and additional items can be placed. Being in this price does not include the mere gift.

Check out our gallery with packing balloons and gifts in them.