Open Source Watch, a Clock Printed in 3D and with Arduino

If there are three technologies that are sounding strongly in recent months those are certainly wearables, Arduino and 3D printers.

They are not the only ones, of course, but their protagonism is unquestionable. Three categories that already have enough route but with much way ahead. Open Source Watch, the project we are talking about today, comes to combine these trends in the same device that is placed on our wrist.

As you can deduce by the name, and the photo that heads the article, this is a smartwatch like Pebble or Samsung Gear . However it has a few singularities that make it very attractive. On the one hand the casing was made with a 3D printer and inside we found an Arduino to move the last.The best of all? That is an open project and that we can, soon, build on our own.

Make Your Own Smartwatch

Jonathan Cook presented himself to the Make contest with his proposal: a wrist watch with a black and white display that not only displays the time and date but also serves us to receive notifications from your smartphone: email , Social networks, text messages… Something that we have seen seen in previous occasions.

The final result, a result of the combination of the three elements already mentioned, is a somewhat rustic wristwatch that is far from the finish of the commercial models although precisely that is not the main concern. It works without problems and its creator will make available to the world the documentation so that we can make one by our account.

At the moment on the official website of Open Source Watch you can see the progress of this watch and start to assemble it. Although there are a few fixed elements, for example we can put some custom to our liking as the screen. Jonathan has chosen to use a monochrome OLED, but we can use more.

We will see if it takes weight and the community is encouraged to continue creating around this project. It will also depend on the triumph of the category that, for the moment, is being quite discreet. Of course, we will see here how much the culture maker weighs and not so much the one of the average consumer so that it goes ahead.