Olo: a Compact and Inexpensive 3D Printer That Works with Your Smartphone

3D printers are still too expensive, large and complex, but that is changing. The Olo is a compact printer that produces small three-dimensional objects and works with the help of your smartphone. You can carry it anywhere and print thumbnails of any color. And the best part is that it will cost only $ 99.

In crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the Olo is expected to be delivered to interested parties from September and has raised over $ 1.5 million. The printer can be so cheap compared to the others because, as the company itself says, half of the product is already in your pocket. As well?

Typically, the most accessible 3D printers operate slowly depositing resin layers ranging over a drying surface. But Olo uses its own smartphone screen to dry the material: an application for Android, iPhone and Windows makes the display emit certain light patterns, which are directed to the liquid resin, and the three-dimensional object is formed on top of your device.

It’s strange, it seems witchcraft, but this video explains everything:

The objects can have a resolution of up to 32 microns, less than the thickness of a human hair, which is between 50 and 100 microns. Of course, to take advantage of your phone’s screen to dry the resin, the process is not as fast as in the larger 3D printers: the iPhone 6, it would be possible to build an item 1 centimeter in about 46 minutes.Still, we can not deny it’s a nice first step to popularize 3D printing.

The Olo will be crowdfunding in Kickstarter until 20 April. With $ 99 it is possible to take a special edition of the printer and a bottle of 100 grams of resin to print the first 3D objects. The first units will be delivered in September. You can check out more information on the official website of Olo.