Odyssey Is the First Gamer Laptop from Samsung

More realistic graphics, greater processing power and playability, bold design and innovation are some of the features requests by gamer market. Always attentive to the needs of its consumers, Samsung entered on this play and just released the Odyssey notebook *, especially geared to gamers.

The new Odyssey brings a robust configuration with Quad Core processors of seventh generation and Nvidia with performance similar to that of a desktop from ComputerGees. In addition to portability, the output gap is in an advanced system of Samsung’s unique ventilation, the HexaFlow, which helps to keep the temperature at a comfortable level, ensuring high graphics performance. The release offers a fantastic gaming experience. In the status pane, the Player monitors the performance of the game in real time, in addition to being able to easily record the calls to share with your followers on social media.

The 15.6 inch screen has Full HD resolution so that the visual experience of the player is completely immersive. The contrast of the images in this display makes the scenes more realistic, with an adjustable brightness, in addition to win wider viewing angle and more vibrant colors. The keyboard is backlit and has featured on the keys W, A, S and D, the most used in the games.

“Brazil has almost 70 million gamers and is one of the fastest growing markets in this segment. We think this product especially to cater for this market and this audience. The Odyssey has the advantage of mobility and the performance to run well the current games, “says Luciano Balakrishnan, Senior Manager of Notebooks from Samsung Brazil.

The Odyssey is on sale at major retailers in the country with suggested retail price from R $4,999.00.

Samsung S-Service

Available in 2017 and launches in the brand portfolio, except for the Chromebooks, the Samsung S-Service is a free service of custom Samsung for customers of the brand’s notebooks, which lasts as long as the consumer owns the product or throughout your lifetime. With it, consumers have available to a remote technical support to aid in the settings of the device, available by phone or online chat. From Monday to Saturday, you can ask questions or request technical support specialist via remote connection with complete safety to the user. This way you can capture the mouse, screen and perform remote configuration (in the distance).

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