Number of BitTorrent Users Exceeds 100 Million

Despite being used mostly for hacking the BitTorrent is a protocol that has other uses, mainly by not relying on a central server. Among them, the most known legitimate uses are the distribution of versions of Linux and sell legal content through the official BitTorrent client Inc., maker of protocol. She closed several agreements with movie studios and record labels to make it happen.

The company yesterday announced impressive figures on the use of BitTorrent around the world: the number of users exceeded 100 million per month. Every day the company receives more than 20 million BitTorrent users by downloading various files available on the network in more than 220 countries. And they only recorded the numbers of users registered by the two oficials BitTorrent clients, uTorrent (purchased in 2006) and BitTorrent Mainline. The programs, incidentally, are downloaded daily by more than 400,000 people.


In addition to disclosing the numbers, BitTorrent Inc. also said it will be at CES this year demonstrating a preview of “new ecosystem for the BitTorrent protocol.” Sounds mysterious, but if my download torrents get faster with this new technology, I will not complain.