Now You Can Dictate messages on WhatsApp and Telegram Using Google Now

The Google announced on Tuesday (28) that you can dictate the messages you want to send to your friends on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and other instant messaging apps.

It works like this: the user by voice command, says the application that will be used and the contact to which you want to send the message, such as “Send a WhatsApp message to John,” as shown in the GIF above. Thus, the voice assistant will ask the message content and it will be sent to the appropriate recipient.

The function is available for some time for SMS, emails and messages in Hangouts, and now Google realized that it is much more useful to the most famous instant messaging apps. the WhatsApp apps, Telegram, Viber, WeChat and NextPlus are supported. All these applications need to be updated to its latest version.

For now, you can only dictate their messages in English (even if you are in Brazil), but Google plans to expand the news to other languages. The search did not specify what it is but natural that the Portuguese is included; it is possible to dictate text messages and e-mails in our language.