Nokia Releases the Great Nokia Drive for Smartphones with WP8

With strong presence in the development of the next version of Windows Phone, the Nokia is highlighted mainly the platform map features. Microsoft opted for Navteq, acompany controlled by Nokia and specialized in mapping cities, public transport etc. Nokia Drive (Nokia Drive in Portuguese) will be made available to other manufacturers to produce mobile phones with Apollo.

The change was confirmed by Nokia’s global command last night in an online statement. Consumers in more than one hundred countries have GPS capabilities with navigation point free point available in the cell. HTC handsets owners or Samsung, just to name two competitors have the app available to install on Windows Phone 8.

This is a major paradigm shift. I remember very well seeing Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, speaking at the launch event of the Lumia line that unique applications would be important part of the strategy to convince customers to opt for Nokia products – usually positioned with higher prices than similar competitors. The most interesting of the apps, in my view, is precisely what is free to any user very soon.

Do not ask me if it is a wise decision for Nokia. A differential that is lost.

On the other hand, phone owners from other manufacturers will have an amazing GPS application that saves lives when there is no connection available to determine a route. I’ve been using Nokia Drive constantly on trips that do, always with much success because the maps work well and are always updated. Only it does lack the permanent implementation of point to point navigation even if I enter another app quickly.

Windows Phone 8 will place live tiles maps to know where and what is the next step on the path without having to open the app. I believe that will be a real hand on the wheel .And again, a feature that is not seen on another platform. Unique to the Metro UI interface.

The Nokia / Navteq has map data for over 190 countries and in more than 50 languages. They say get traffic information in real time from more than 26 countries (I know that S√£o Paulo is one of the cities with the resource).

Cool it will be to buy a Samsung mobile phone (or whatever the manufacturer, this is an example) and click the Nokia Drive app for GPS navigation. The Finnish multinational said nothing about changing the name of the app to something that makes less own propaganda.

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