Nike Confirms Trends in New Uniforms Ad

After much speculation, rumors and countless fake prototypes running around, Nike decided to sate, albeit timidly, the curiosity of NBA fans regarding the uniforms the company will produce for next season. In addition to releasing what will be the shirt layout of the current NBA champion, the Golden State Warriors, Nike also released the concepts of uniforms, which have some news .

Two expected trends are confirmed: the abandonment of shirts with sleeves and the end of the tradition of uniforms ‘home’ and ‘away’.

The brand, which has always prioritized performance(sometimes detrimental to design), has embraced the regatta tradition. In the conceptual arts released by Nike, no mention of the sleeves.

This type of model was an Adidas bet to make ‘affable’ cuts to the general public – which does not always have the ‘shape’ and opportunity to use a regatta.

In the ad, the American manufacturer also explains that it will not stick to the label of shirts number 1, to use at home, and number 2, to wear outside. Each client team that defines what model they want to use(now divided between The Association Edition, which will be the white shirt, and The Icon Edition, which will be the color) and the visiting team that uses the other.

It was a trend as well. Last season it turned out to be more common for club teams to use their away jerseys, running counter to the convention that home teams should wear white. Now, this ‘rule’ no longer exists.

As before, too, teams may have alternative shirts from According to Nike, there are two models that can be inspired by what the company calls the “mentality of the athletes” and another that honors the cities and communities in which the teams are inserted.

It was speculated that the release of the official models would only be made at the start of the season, from September to October, but I imagine Nike wanted to calm the consumer audience that was terrified of the series of disastrous models that were emerging in the networks – most of them fueled by Ali Express prints and by the creativity and bad taste of Chinese counterfeiters.

The other models will be released until the middle of September.