Night Table Reading Lamp

Bit chilly it is outside, right? Nice cool evening – windows on the terrace zeyat open and amid the noise of traffic as if still hearing last crickets. Ahead sees block one hundred and three, over which the sky is piled straw clouds. The moon shines like a beacon muffled shot just before quenched, shrouded by misty visions. Cars whistle on the highway and in the background, after a piece of empty land twinkling lights of “Modern suburb,” where young lovers go on long, straight streets. This chair is comfortable, although no back – so you can lean on the door frame and it will make you feel comfortable. The table left to the pot with overgrown tree of life is a glass full of lemonade. Drink your if your dry mouth. And I’ll tell.

Night Table Reading Lamp

See that apartment across the street seventh floor? Just opposite you. Yellow rectangle on the background of the dark building, illuminated by the light of two lamps of the chandelier. Before visible terrace, but they demolished to widen the living room. Within the window resemble the letter “H” struck with quite low horizontal line. White curtains are pulled left hanging aimlessly. Back immediately after the lenses are seen large leaves of indoor plants – jungle before dinner table, a pot almost reached the level of the chandelier. It differs and the top of the couch on which a person is seated with a glass between his hands. Pale blue light flickering across him from TV. The tea in the cup of echinacea, but it forged with two grapes with a knife in the middle. The big pile in the corner who looks a little like a voyeur, peeping from behind the curtain – like us – is actually dresser. Over the cabinet has shelves filled with aligned on one hand books. On the white plaster wall hanging features framed picture reproduction seascape by Joseph Turner. Read josephnightlights for flower night lights. In fact, “landscape” is not put into place probably because the soft warm colors on the canvas, spilling as steamed milk moonlight in one corner are dimmed blackened vessels burning frigate.

But back on the dresser in the corner. It is quite plain oak tree – seen many times such and they would long ago have gone to waste if they were not too severe. But on a shelf waiting a surprise, covered with a shitty globe gray vest. Shame that someone so used it to rack – in vest standing old but kept reading lamp. Too much really – like chest – but at least you should easily be able to throw. Lampshades were knitted, wooden stand was in diameter as bottle “Mare Negro”. In it were carved caravan of camels and sun over each of them. Camels naturally alike as drops of water and their bellies were tied with rope – string, presumably – one sack. Its outline resembled motionless human figure.

In the bulb of the bedside lamp will light bulb. In fact, it has not been used for twenty-five years. It is covered by a massive layer of dust collected from the last time he was awakened terrible fear any human being. Because, you see, bedside lamp on the dresser is not simple. Do not bother to rub – will only soiled sleeve and no gin will come out and make obediently nod. Suffice to screwing a light bulb, plug the cable into the extension to press the red button – the power of this subject brought before an awful lot of time from an ancient sad land will begin to unfold before your eyes. Fifteen minutes pass without anything happening – just lit the lamp and reflects the objects around with their adjacent shadows.

Gradually, however, the range of light began to expand – passes through walls, through the Persian rug on the floor and plaster ceiling, wood and upholstery of furniture, glass windows, covers of stacked books. Before your eyes matter breaks down, the doors are of chips – and this is the strange power of this reading lamp with woven shade. Show. Sometimes more than you would like. But you will not be put out because he entered the bag as curious cat and want to see more. Neighbors bottom dinner at the kitchen table. These top have gone home to their rooms and bustled or watching something on the computer. A woman from the apartment left lathering up in the shower. This voyeurism is only the beginning.