NGO: an Acronym

For the Royal Spanish Academy organizations are “associations of people governed by a set of rules according to certain aims.”

Acronym of NGO

For the 2012 Universal encyclopedia, the “NGO stands for non-governmental organizations, are not subsidiaries of the Government to engage in activities of public or humanitarian interest”. Also they may be defined as “non-State bodies for humanitarian purposes.” such as medical or technical assistance in countries not industrialized, economic aid in countries that are at war or have suffered a natural disaster, and in general the defence of human rights

You can defined them also as organizations which have emerged from civil society non-profit whose purpose is to generate a certain impact in society.

-Organization: they have a certain degree of institutionalization. Their formal status is not only the legal (legal personality and legal capacity in accordance with the regulations) but it is also concerned that the entity is perceived and seen as an institution.

-Self-Government: they are structured with its own organs of control and direction, without external to the entity.

-Privacy: they are not controlled by the Government or are Government. This implies the possibility of electing their leaders and of using economic resources for their purposes.

-Not profit: this is who do not have the ability to pay or distribute benefits. Since they do not pursue a non-profit business, personal or group. Its financial resources come mainly from private donations, as well as the volunteer work of its employees.

-Volunteering: participation is led by volunteers. These are citizens participating in the entity based on beliefs and motivations that share in favour of solidarity and cooperation.

“In developing countries NGOs (according to Abbreviationfinder) are primary functions to protect the safety, health and education of the population at risk.” This example is used by specifying any of their functions.

“It has created two NGOs related to childhood and education: one, to subsidize poor children to attend the school;” “and the other: to promote artistic activities for children”. Refers in this case to two types of non-governmental organizations.

“Has become the news of the week, to know that several NGOs from the South American country were directly linked to the Government”. Here applies to non-compliance with one of its characteristics as it is the privacy and independence of all political and economic power.