Nexus S from Vodafone You Will Need Screen SuperAMOLED, Do for Companies?

Update: Vodafone confirms non SuperAMOLED displays for companies, the web page does not have the correct data. None of the Nexus S that will be sold in Spain will have a SuperAMOLED screen, as in the rest of European countries (except UK), it comes with Super LCD display.

Pelocho said it to us in the comments of the entry about Tegra 2 in Samsung Galaxy SII: model of the Nexus S, which will market Vodafone in Spain has SuperAMOLED screen.

At least what we can see through the page “upcoming releases” of the Red operator. There appears fairly clear specification description: “4-inch Super AMOLED display”.

But there is an important nuance, we are on the web dedicated to companies, if we go to the website of private individuals, still see the LCD option. Mess are brought with the model, we hope to answer for his part during the morning, as if it were a mistake in the description of the web.

If it serves you some information, I have at my disposal right now a Nexus S by Samsung, and it is a version with LCD screen, the quality is very good, but it fails to compare with my Galaxy S. SuperAMOLED This does not mean that Vodafone model is the one that I am trying.