New Headphones Sennheiser Momentum With Bluetooth And Reduction Active Noise

Sennheiser took advantage of the CES in Las Vegas to announce the release of a version with Bluetooth connectivity and active reduction noise of two of its stars helmets, the famous Momentum and its Momentum On Earvariation. More details in the following lines.

We already had the opportunity to say here all the good that we think of Sennheiser Momentum. Stylish, well-designed, a heavily criticized manufacturing, it offers a return full neutrality and subtlety that makes it one of the stars of the test benches helmets. It is also part, since the beginning of our selection of the 10 best high-end headphones. Later happened to his little brother, the Sennheiser Momentum On Ear. More compact, type supra aural, adopter of materials a little less but still enjoying a very good build quality, he was able to meet his audience with a more affordable andmore than satisfactory audio rate.

Today, these 2 references see coming a version with Bluetoothconnectivity. Wireless Momentum and the Momentum On Ear Wireless offer connectivity Bluetooth 4.0, compatibility with the aptX codec, more qualitative, so will have anNFC chip for a quick pairing by simple contact with compatible products. In addition, these two helmets now haveNoise Grd Hybrid of active noise reductiontechnology, a technology that uses 4 built-in microphones for this. Finally, they offer the service of telephone communication. The Momentum Wireless is available in 2 colours, ivory and black, at the rate of €449. The manufacturer advertises up to22 hours (Bluetooth + active noise reduction) for 3 hours of charge.It comes with a cable jack 1 m 40, a plane, its rechargeable battery adapter, its charging cable, a pouch and its manual.The Momentum On Ear Wireless is displayed at the rate of € 349, features and colors are the same as for his big brother.

Musically, the user will not be homesick since it retains the same features on the initial versions. The materials are alsonoble, with stainless steel and leather alcantara on the small model and a combination of stainless steel and genuine leather on the big brother. Finish specifying the urbanity XL helmet, discovered in these columns, will also see a Bluetooth and NFC version but without active noise reduction, at the rate recommended of 279.