Natural Sponge of Kiko Cosmetics

For a while now, I hear sponges of Konjac and its wonders at all times and by many different people. “That if you carry a natural SOAP that does not irritate sensitive skin and exfoliate them gently, if it eliminates impurities from the skin, clean the pores and keeps them at Bay, which is very cheap and hard months…” would inconvenience? ask for them via the web.

Yes, sure you will be thinking, then ride that the first will be buy thing it via the web… and you have rightly jajajajajaja. What happens, is that I have been doing I approach lately of not making me no grace at all pay more for shipping than for the products themselves… I don’t know, a hobby that I have now, I guess. Quite possibly due to everything I have, in larger quantities than necessary.

Well, what it was… Turns out that Kiko has released one of these wonderful cleaning sponges of Konjac to the face, to the price of €5.90. And how I wanted to try this type of sponges, because I got one to see how such.

Not over long ago that I have it, but I can assure you that the change in skin is substantially notorious.

It is very easy to use. Just in the morning and in the evening, with the skin without makeup or hydrate, we passed gently the sponge dampened by whole face making circles and influencing the most conflictive areas. This produces a gentle exfoliation of the skin and helps cells died at the same time that cleans the skin in a very deep way. It is ideal to complete the daily cleaning routine.

And what do we do with the sponge after use? As we rinsed it well, drain it and hung it from the cuerdecita running through it, in a place where air can dry. Once dry, the fibers become hardened and sponge wanes size. To use again, we humedeceremos it with warm water and ready to be used.

I don’t know if it will be more good or more bad than other similar sponges, because I have no comparison. But in my opinion the relationship quality price is very good and mostly, there is Kiko stores on every corner.

Have you ever used this type of sponges? What do you think?