Naked in the Camping by Lucas De Moraes

Site History: Taquara-RS
Story date: February 1997
Submitted by: Lucas de Moraes
My family and I left home to go camping for the weekend of February 1997 15.16, fill the van of stuff and went to the camping of Mr. Bruno, inside the municipality of Taquara, RS.

We had fun on Saturday, showering of river, jumping from a cliff with rope, swimming, fishing …
When it was evening, my father was showered, dressed and river everything, and took just another change to trade, had a campfire and had dinner. My father put the wet clothes to dry near the fire and went to bed.
Woke up early on Sunday, the father realized he was gone, soon we thought had been stolen, we seek, seek, until my mother was going through fire to make coffee, and by chance found melted half his belt buckle, there we realized that had burned all his clothes to dry, we began to laugh, laugh so much that stomach hurt before that, my father decided to take River Bath naked, because I couldn’t use the other dry clothes, because I had to come home with her according to We think he was kidding, and I wasn’t going to swim naked, then was he take your River Bath naked and alone before the other people from camping to lift …
We found it very funny, because I thought that his clothes had burned.
He came back, put the dry clothes, and went for coffee and then we take again the River, while the father was only taking care of us on the edge of the River, do you want to wet the dry clothes and could no longer enter the river naked because they were all in camping awake!