Nails Opi “Chocolate Moose” add “Extra Va Vaganza!”

Lately I’m back more often when painting to be found. Much fun me back at the moment and I have anyway so many paint here, which I have not used yet (is it also somehow so a small paint addiction now). Because I’m on the road again tomorrow in terms of event, had to of course freshly painted and today no less varnish combination has been used as a

OPI – “chocolate Moose” + OPI – “Extra-va-vaganza!”
Canadian collection / burlesque collection

  • 1 coat ‘Fill The Gap’ (essie)
    • 1 coat “chocolate Moose” (OPI)
    • 3 coats “extra-va-vaganza!” (OPI)
    • 1 coat “good to go” (essie)

Order & opacity: nail “chocolate Moose” I used exclusively as the colored base, so that the color of “extra-va-vaganza!” better comes out. It used only a layer. This is not completely opaque, but sufficient fully for this purpose. “Chocolate Moose” is easy to order, but two layers needed to be opaque. “Extra-va-vaganza!” has a rust coloured transparent color, which hardly covers and for many different colored Glitterpartikel. Depending on the opacity desire you need just several layers – this completely opaque result I needed three.

Dry season:Overall are the four layers that need also an appropriately longer dry season. Despite everything that went quite quickly and in about 40 minutes, everything was – thanks to ‘ good to go ‘ – dur-dried.

Color:”chocolate Moose” is a warm shade of brown with a reddish tint and cream finish. With a layer, it is brighter than with two and more. A layer has served as a base for the Glitterlack. “Extra-va-vaganza!” has a transparent rust color, in which are many different colored Glitterpartikel. These are gold, green, blue, pink and silver.
It is unfortunately not so easy to capture the colors properly on the photos – the above photo is the most successful.

In the sunlight the paint not so much glitters like in artificial light – there he is sore and really very glitzerig a little sparkly (especially the Golden glitter comes out as well)! In low light, you can see mostly the silver Glitterpartikel.

Total:The combination of the two coatings is ideal, because they are super complementary. Without “Chocolate Moose”would of “extra-va-vaganza!” probably still one or two layers more need in order to apply the varnish opaque. If this is so good, every man for himself must decide – I’d honestly not coming.
Both coatings itself are super nice, especially “chocolate Moose” is one of my favorites. “Extra-va-vaganza!” is of course nothing suitable for everyday use, but rather for special occasions. But there are also people (like me), which does not discourage up to to apply the paint.
Recommend I would both.

Purchase recommendation:”chocolate Moose”necessarily,”extra-va-vaganza!” only for those who so strongly glitzerig like it (and where it also pays off so due to suitability for everyday use).

OPI is in Germany at Douglas available (approx. 16,-€). I recommend a purchase in the United States, E.g. on