My Experience with the Racket Artengo 990 Flax Fiber

It has been a week of training and matches to be able to have a consistent opinion on it. Then I leave the technical characteristics of the racket and starting then examine each according to what has been lived this week. Let’s get started!

Technical characteristics:

  • Weight: 300 grams.
  • Sieve: 645 cm2.
  • Balance: 32 cm.
  • Length: 68.5 cm.
  • Composition: 85% of fiberglass and graphite and 15% linen.

And I shall then explain the sensations that he has given me this racket:

  • Remove: due to its high weight and my lack of habit of playing with weights more than 280 grams, is certain to get used to and perform the movement correctly cost me a little bit. After several trucks kick training, I started to coordinate the movement of the body with the racket very well and I have noticed a great power when it comes to the flat kick. Regarding the cut shot I’ve had a great sense of control with this Racquet. Where I have not been able to adapt has been, without a doubt; in the remove liftado, with this effect I have not had good feeling.
  • Groundstrokes: a as in the serve, the first thing I’ve noticed in the 990 Flax Fiber has been his weight. Accustomed to playing with lighter snowshoes, somewhat less technical, the first shots were flying too and left beyond the bottom line. Little by little I managed to get used to not get so strong the ball and help me a bit more than the racket and have come to realize that is really powerful in the beating. But the most important thing is that, despite so much power, the racket offers us great ball control. The Topspin strokes cost me more to control them, above all the right, since not to well close gesture, ball came out fired up. For cut coups is a marvel. Another thing to point out that I’ve seen, is that racket absorbs much impact, so while we hit very hard to the ball, protects us largely from vibrations that rise from the racket to our arm.
  • Volleys: here from the first moment I felt very comfortable. With its screen of 645 cm2, have enough tolerance in beating and, although it is not the same hit to the center of the rope a little runout, we have a fairly large sweet spot. All this means that, with a good preparation of the volley, we get a very effective blow.
  • Auctions: the blow that more I have struggled to adapt. In preparing for the auction, I was too heavy the racket at the beginning. She would hit from far behind and then pulled it beyond the bottom line. It requires that when preparing the auction we hold to something stronger racket which sujetaríamos another of lesser weight. Once past that, the auction thrown debris with enough force.

After having spent these days with Artengo 990 Flax Fiber and have tried other brands with the same profile of racket of high-end models, my advice is that before making a heavy investment in a racket that could cost 180 euros, you have to know that you can have an excellent racket for about half.

It will help a lot when it comes to give effects to the ball and also much security in the network game.

It is a racket of range high, very balanced and very good price. So if you are thinking about to jump into a racket of upper range, please have the 990 as option.

In addition, to get everything easier, you can go to any store Decathlon and use our test without commitment service to test the racket.

Good day and best tennis!