Mismatched Time:Shoes and Bags!

Hellow palpiteiraaas!!! We’re tired of knowing that combine shoe and bag is somewhat outdated. But whenever we hear that phrase comes into question:If we can’t match, as we coordinate the choice of these accessories as important to our look!?

Well, today I want to help you understand how the game of mismatched works. Mount looks creative with unusual combinations is easier than it looks, starting with the fact that we don’t have to buy the shoes and handbags of the same color, we can play on new textures, prints and vibrant colors without fear of being happy.

To start the mixing, the trick is simple, if the shoe calls too much attention to invest in a neutral bag. At these times the colors like black, Brown and nude are our best friends. The tip also goes for the other way around, if the sports bag is big and colorful, opt for a more discreet shoe, not to create a visual image confused.

What will determine whether the mixture is good is the style of the piece, not the color, you’re not going to use one with a sports bolsona pumps, ok? And also will not match those shoes to go to the gym, with a small long handle, more classical. But a shoe goes very well in both cases. The same goes for materials:a jump rope and Jaffer with rustic materials, that is summer’s face, should not be coordinated with a velvet pouch. Prefer leather, canvas or other rustic, like Straw, crochet, to complement.

See, it’s easy! With time and practice we’re getting the hang of it and creating super glamorous fashionistas and combinations!

Inspired in flashes down here!