Minidocumentário Explores Contamination by Benzene in Electronics Factories; Watch

We follow closely the market technology and electronics and love to know the news, but we can not ignore the human side behind each new release. Allegations of forced labor and suicides of workers are relatively common, and unfortunately, these situations will probably occur much more often than we know.

Today, we find a minidocumentário talking about benzene contamination in China’s electronics factories. Called? Who Pays The Price, he seeks to show the “human cost” of their gadgets – that is, the lives that are compromised so that they are manufactured.

The doc tells the story of people who have developed a type of leukemia because of this chemical, which is banned in much of the world, but not in China – where more than half of the electronics is manufactured. They speak of the reasons to have gone to work in these factories and are not rare mentions of suicidal thoughts because of the suffering caused by the disease.

And what you can do to reverse this situation? The own documentary reveals that all electronic sold today have benzene – ie, you can also contaminate using them. But you can also go after the manufacturers and press so that they use the devices do not.

Speaking of numbers and prices, eliminate benzene of the devices increase the price to the consumer on less than a dollar in electronics. A very small difference, especially if we consider that every five hours, a person is infected – this according to the Chinese government; experts believe it is much higher that rate.