Mini Saia Jeans Shred and More Looks

The daring has come to all the pieces of women’s clothing, and you can bet on beautiful models of jeans skirt mini skirt to enjoy the summer with very cool legs. And these pieces are among the most sought after in the shops and really come to suit all tastes.

With distinctive washings, lighter or darker, with spots, in the tye die tendency, with tacks, spikes, lace, the variation is enormous for these models.

And the best still is that they can be worn to the length you want.

Check out the looks to wear with the short jeans skirt

The frayed mini skirt models can be found ready in proexchangerates, or you can customize your own, so you will do exactly the length you want.

And to combine you can bet on fashion blouses, shirts, shirts, regattas, and jackets, coats, blazers, and even with pantyhose.

With one shoulder blouse and Scarpin

Picture 2 – Look for several occasions, consisting of a denim skirt with clear wash shredded model in the bar, lilac blouse with a single shoulder neckline full of frills, high heel black scarf giving power to the look.

Picture 3 – With a T-shirt printed, she invests in the jeans skirt with darker wash and shredded details, sneakers composed the look and brought more style to the look.

Picture 4 – Look very casual wearing a mini denim skirt with stained wash and shredded details, pink tank top inside the skirt, beige cardigan on top, white sneakers and a very charming handbag.

Picture 5 – With a shirt with a very modern print, it combines with a light blue denim skirt with shredded details, throwing a black belt to give a touch more, black nipple fine to finish.

With red high-top sneakers

Picture 6 – Look full of style and very well composed, where she bets on a shining clear denim skirt, printed gray regatinha, red sneakers finished the look.

Mini skirt and leather jacket

Picture 7 – Black leather jacket in a modern design where it combines with a jeans skirt with front pocket, traditional wash, where here it combines with a black heel sandal.

Picture 8 – High waist model in jeans with a modern wash frayed details, body with modern neckline, underwear and a handbag giving a touch more in the look.

Picture 9 – In a loose black windbreaker, here it combines with a lighter denim skirt with lighter and modern, black sandal with block heel, where she throws a red bag to give a greater charm.

Picture 10 – Mini denim skirt with modern wash, details shredded with an ethnic embroidery where it gave an extra charm, white tank top justine of fine, a jump gave an even greater power to the look.

For hot days, enjoy the beach, go out with friends, stay at home and many other places that you can go, surely these skirts can enter your look making your look even more beautiful and interesting.

Check out some possibilities here and then look for your skirt model and make your combinations, but with creativity and good taste.

Picture 11 – To use in different places, be it day or night, here they invest in the jeans skirt with modern modeling and shredded details, combining with modern blouses and lower shoes bringing greater comfort.

Picture 12 – Three more tips of looks very well elaborated, here the skirt jeans with dark wash marks the presence of these visuals that can be used at any time of day and in different places.

Looks to go to college

Picture 13 – With the light jeans skirt and shredded details, here you have three options of looks very well composed, casual looks where you will be able to use on different occasions.

Image 14- With sweeter and wider blouses using with skirt in a lighter wash, high heels giving an even greater power and valuing the whole look.

Image 15 – Looks neat, here you will find three options where they bet on clothes easy to match, skirts in the jeans model bringing a charm and comfort to the look.

For ballad

Image 16- Visual full of power and sensuality, where the model brings a mullet style jeans skirt with the pulled bar and high waist, little brown regatinha just inside the skirt.

Picture 17 – Pink lace regatta guipir over the denim skirt with dark wash and shredded details, closure with gold buttons, here she still bets on the black sandal of fine heel giving a greater value.

Image 18- Bare purple fringe with fringes and long sleeve, dark denim skirt with drawstring bar, a scarf on the neck gave an even bigger charm, heel sandal valuing the look.

Picture 19 – White sweater with kangaroo pocket wearing over skirt, mini denim skirt with modern wash, brown high top with fringe details.

Picture 20 – Stylish modern print jacket, black blouse underneath, jeans skirt in a more retro modeling creating a beautiful contrast, black rasteirinha and a bag enhancing the look even more.

With white sneakers

Picture 21 – Mini denim skirt with shredded details, gray T-shirt inside the skirt, white sneakers combining the look and bringing comfort to the look.

Picture 22 – With a mini denim skirt in a modern wash, it combines with a white tank top with 3/4 sleeves and a white tennis to match, casual look and very comfortable.

Image 23- Jeans with light wash where it puts inside the skirt, also skirt in jeans with higher waist and frayed details, silliper shoe with leopard print giving an even greater charminho.

Picture 24 – In a more retro style with high waist and frayed details, white body model more justinho with very modern neckline, white sneakers finalizing the visual.

Picture 25 – And here you a denim skirt with clean wash and details shredded, blue blouse with plaid shirt on top, pink sneakers gave an even greater power to the look.

Picture 26 – With an orange regatinha with modern print, it combines with a denim skirt with a spotted wash, short ankle boot brought style and combined perfectly.

Image 27- High waist jeans skirt with buttons on the front, darker wash, where it blends with a black and white striped top with high top, black over boot and a purse giving an extra charm.

With Over The Knee Boot

Image 28- Mini skirt destroyed jeans, white shirt inside the skirt, here it still combines with a beige boot with thin beak where it gave even greater power to the look.

Picture 29 – Light jeans skirt with shredded details, white long sleeved model blouse with buttons detail at the front, belt with double buckle and a high heel valuing the whole production.

With black blouse and All Star

Picture 30- In a casual style to wear on different occasions, you have here a lighter washed denim skirt, basic black blouse with V-neck, all star model sneakers finalizing the look.