Milky Relieve / Assembled Nursing Cushions

Baby is born and, like more than half of Quebecois, you chose breastfeeding as the first feed your baby. But now, you usually feel discomfort, pain. What are the ways to relieve during milky riding?
Mounted milky usually begin three to five days after birth.Nasty to some, they are frankly painful to others. Some are even a little fever.However, there are many small, sometimes surprising tricks to relieve inflammation of the mammary glands, often responsible for breast pain and engorgement. If the fever increases above 38 ° C it could be an indication of mastitis, it would then consult.
Normal, milky-mount generally shortened by 24 or 48 hours. But if the breast is not well drained, the risk of clogging multiplied.

Milky relief mounted

Make baby suck often

An efficient, pleasant, relieving pain is the baby nurse, often giving her small amounts of breast milk every time. You désengorgerez and your breasts while reducing the inflammation of the mammary glands. Ideally, your offspring should benefit from eight to twelve breastfeeds in 24 hours. In addition, in the days after birth, the baby should drink often to keep himself hydrated, he learns to suckle, so it is not always very effective. If you reduce the number of daily meals, baby drink more during feeding sessions, which will increase the production of breast milk.

Reduce stress

As baby nurses, it is often recommended to sleep as fast as possible between feedings. While the coupe sleep is not very restful. But if you affairez between feedings, you will accumulate a lot of fatigue. Give yourself naps one to two hours, you will be more rested. Tired out?Remember that stress can disrupt the proper functioning of the hypothalamus, which will have an impact on breastfeeding.

Find a comfortable position

If part of your chest is more difficult or painful, try to find a position where the baby’s nose to place the area congested or sore. In general, vary the feeding positions to help empty the breast well. Often, when you start breastfeeding, it is not a position that seems easier and held there, but it is better to make an effort to vary a little. We should also make sure baby is properly closed to prevent injury.

Reduce liquid

If your mammary glands are particularly productive, gradually reduce your fluid intake while respecting your thirst.

Apply a warm compress

Sometimes breast milk flows badly. A warm compress applied to the breast, no more than a minute, before feeding facilitate the flow of breast milk, without stimulating the production of mammary glands.Even though they look nice, repeated compresses, hot or warm, will only stimulate the glands responsible for the production of breast milk. Also make sure not to apply too hot compresses could only increase the inflammation.

A direct jet of hot water

In the shower, relieve the tension by directing a stream of hot water into your chest and applying pressure from the top of each breast to the nipple.

Apply cold compresses

Between feeds, dry and cold compresses applied to the sinuses, relieve the milky ridges and prevent inflammation of the mammary glands. Use magical bags and even kernels packs of corn or frozen peas, cheaper. We apply this type of compress the breasts for up to 15 to 20 minutes at a time, making sure to space them at least one hour applications.

Use cabbage leaves

Well own cabbage have drainage properties. You can apply on your breasts during a period that ranges from 30-40 minutes. However, avoid this “cure” if you have cracked nipples. These cracks can serve as entry points for bacteria.

Wearing a nursing bra

Calculatorinc recommends you to choose the soft, comfortable nursing bra which adjusted to the size of your chest and use it even at night. A underwear that compresses your breasts, in whole or in part, effectively stimulate the mammary glands.

Do not pinch your nipples

Avoid pinching or nipple stimulation in any way. This will only increase the production of the mammary glands.

Use the breast pump for the right reasons

Avoid using a breast pump to reduce the pressure inside your breasts.Requested, the mammary glands produce more milk.

The nursing pads

Few “glamorous” but virtually essential, nursing pads are essential for the new mother. They are used to absorb any unstimulated breast milk flow during breastfeeding. But some women whose milk glands operating at full capacity, use it to absorb potential flows, between feedings or during walks. They avoid ending up with wet rings at chest height.

Different types of pillows

There are several types of breast pads. You will have to make choices according to your own criteria: Ability to absorb, discretion, convenience and comfort.


In recent years, a new criterion has been added: the impact on the environment. Those who are worried about the future of our planet usually opt for washable cushions. Make cotton or silk flannel, or wool, they are usually comfortable and dry. However, they lose that quality when wet. In addition, they are generally less absorbent than disposable pads. However, you will find in the market, products equipped with plastic film between two strips of absorbent cloth. The risk of leakage is then reduced.
Unless you choose the tapered compresses, these products are usually little discreet. These packages, often flat, sometimes create folds when used on more round breasts.
However, washable breast pads are much more environmentally friendly because you will not have to throw them away after use. Just buy a few pairs to avoid daily washing.


Disposable pads, more absorbent, are also more expensive and more harmful to the environment. The softness of the cushions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. But, in general, they are more comfortable than disposable because of their ability to absorb well above the previous.
If they are more discreet than washable breast pads? A feature that will certainly influence your choice in tours? They are more difficult to install while feeding.
Try different brands before making your choice. Advice from other mothers can guide you. But comfort is something that you are as personal as the shape of your breasts, whether or not you kissed breast milk.

The silicone pads

Finally, there are silicone gowns, very discreet to wear under suits, white shirts and even transparent lingerie. The latter are designed to compress the mouthpiece to prevent the flow of breast milk. Even though they have no absorption capacity, they are nevertheless very effective in certain circumstances.
Therefore, breastfeeding requires special attention both in terms of taking care of your breasts at the level of the mother’s comfort. This is information that you will probably find useful. You choose those that seem most relevant to facilitate your role as a mother, limiting discomfort. The joys of breastfeeding are worth more than a few inconveniences that maternal gesture provides. And remember: sleep as fast as possible. Stress, fatigue, and breastfeeding do not mix.

Henri Michaud, the site’s editor

This article was edited by Genevieve Harbec, consulting structure for the pediatrics sector in Sainte-Justine Chu.