Microsoft Gives First Look At Windows Phone 8

By: camillebrion

Resolution and hardware-support
Windows phone 8 has a new home screen with flexible tile sizes and finally uses the full width of the screen. With 1280 x 768 (WXGA) and 1280 x 720 (720 p), the new operating system supports higher screen resolutions. Windows phone 7 smartphones showed only 800 x 480 pixels (WVGA). Improve multitasking, windows phone 8 focuses on dual-core processors. NFC should enable future data exchange between two smartphones, in which similar to each other holding devices androids beam technique. Externally in the future expand the memory via microsd cards.

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Same apps for all

Windows phone 8 now uses the same kernel as windows 8. This should make easier the development of apps. Old windows phone 7 apps but still run on the new operating system. Microsoft optimized programs for it in the cloud, before they end up in the marketplace. Bad news for windows phone 7 users: The new windows phone 8 apps are not backwards compatible. However, it should be relatively easy to program apps for both platforms. But it is more likely that expensive apps in the medium term no longer be developed for the old version of windows phone.

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Are these apps to start

The voice over IP service skype is now integrated into the operating system. However, it is still unclear whether mobile operators have the option to deliver smartphones without the program. Users need to install it then as with android devices. Windows phone 8 browser is based on internet explorer 10 from the desktop PC and be very fast. Nokia’s maps and navigation app, as well as the associated NAVTEQ maps there are now also on other windows-phone-8-cell phones, reportedly even including real navigation with voice announcement.

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Stripped-down updates for older models

Current windows phone 7.5 phones will receive an update to windows phone 7.8. In it are included, some features of the new operating system, such as the new home screen. An update on windows phone 8 should not give it but. By the way came out that nokia will bring out a small update for the nokia models lumia 710 and 800 from 27 june: It finally allows under windows phone 7.5 as a wi-fi hotspot to use the smartphone (tethering). Also mute of phone during incoming call by simply rotating is possible.

The windows phone 8 presentation in the video 

Assessment: WP8

Total windows phone 8 sounds promising, even though microsoft has been out almost only guide for developers. The integration of windows 8 is leading the way, the technical development harmoniously. The idea but has a hook: The missing update for current windows phones. How much this hurts, must first show previous windows mobile phones will be the new home screen-optics and other outstanding features windows phone 8. And for cheap windows mobile is windows phone 7.5 continue awhile leader be – as well as appear cheap android phones with android 2.3 today.

Windows phone 8 will come in the fall of 2012 on the market. So far, microsoft did not give an exact date. (cj, me)


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