Messy Hair: How to Use

There are trends for which we should thank and the messy hair is one of them. A relaxed hairstyle and casual that can be used in various occasions.

Messy Hair How to Use

If you are part of the group that vibrates with the functional, practical and relaxed, but at the same time follows the trends and believes in the fashion and style and above all, this is the great hairstyle to choose.

The messy hair came to shake what we were used to it… And still good!

It is with the hair loose or in braids, whether for hair longer or shorter, messy hair can be always among the favorites because the truth is that not only do you not have how to fail, how easy it is to do.

The crosswalk for the daily style of the biggest “it girls”, is one of the hairstyles of the time.



Up a relaxed look requires some preparation. Is the style of the iconic Brigitte Bardot, to be in the style of Alexa Chung, one of the biggest “it girls” of the moment, the messy hair can be suitable both for long hair how to short.

  1. If you already have wavy hair, then you have a lot of luck because it has the work almost all done without having to exert much effort;
  2. To enhance the effect, wrap your hair in a bun for a few hours and, when you pick, comb only with your fingers;
  3. To finish, you can apply a bit of mousse.

If you have straight hair, then the final part is the same, but before that need to use the babyliss to create some waves in her hair. After then you can do the same process.


If you are willing to take the hair in a bun, but in a version that is less ballerina and the less classic but more relaxed and informal, then this is the perfect suggestion. The messy hair here is caught in a coke that is half broken and the result is a hairstyle full of style.

  1. First start by catching the hair in a ponytail (can be at the top of the head or closer to the nape of the neck, as the taste);
  2. Should be medium loose to get the desired effect;
  3. Then, take the tip of the hair, pull it up and give it a few turns with the hair so that it lies all curled up (but always stretched to the top!);
  4. Then wrap it around the elastic and secure with a hook mosey, desajeitando still a little to pull in some parts.


The classic hairstyles for those who like to ride with your hair up, but here appears in the version relaxed and desarranjada. Practical and full of style, is the ideal option to give some grace to a look which could be basic.

  1. Start by catching the top of the hair and divide it into two sections;
  2. Then, go curling the two parts around the hair that was loose, as if you were doing a round-up with the hair itself;
  3. Give it about three laps and, in the end, attach that part of the hair with hooks on the inside of so that they do not see.


It is probably a little more laborious than the previous, but the final effect is so enthralling that not sure it’s worth trying.

  1. Start by attaching the hair to one side with an elastic band and tighten them as much as possible;
  2. Then, make a braid and normal, when you reach the end, secure it with an elastic band;
  3. To finish, give some stress in some areas, so that it is not all equal and some hair pull-out.