Messenger Lite Is Now Less ‘Lite’ in Functions, Time for Change?

By: camillebrion

By now we all know that Facebook is a little disaster optimizing their applications. Zuckerberg Company prefer to try different things, even if they are not finished, before Polish and perfect which are already. Not in vain, for a long time its motto was “Move fast and break things”.

The problem is that not everyone can follow this rhythm and those requirements of storage and network use. So were born the cropped version or Lite both Facebook and Messenger. Now Messenger Lite comes to version 4.1 and goes from being a pretty basic application to a real alternative the official version.

Now, with stickers and voice messages

Let’s start with the news. To time, Messenger Lite only allowed you to send text messages and photos. Now you can also include stickers, that are not it downloaded in the official version, although you can use the search engine and categories to find one that fits what you want to express.

The voice notes They also make their appearance in Messenger Lite. You must first play at the microphone, and then hold the button while you speak, or drag out to cancel. That Yes, Messenger Lite does not count with a player voice clips, so you need a third party application to listen what you respond to.

In addition, it is now possible to change your status to show yourself as not connected in Messenger, function that was not previously available. Messenger Lite also includes support for multiple accounts in Messenger, just like his older brother.

Thus, Messenger Lite is now a more decent messaging application, especially when your mobile resources are limited. As a comparison, the official Messenger application occupies me some 180 MB, While Messenger Lite reduces the figure to 14 MB. Messenger Lite is available in Google Play in some countries. For everyone else, APK.

Messenger Lite4.1

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Facebook
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication

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