Men’s Plaid Shirt: 12 Looks Show Because She Is Still Essential

The Brazilian has ignored the men’s Plaid Shirt while he considered the play part of the clothing of jerk, which, let’s face it, it’s just silly on our part. Hipster alert was necessary for us to spend to meet the standard as one more fashion element able to increase our style and create combinations damning.

As a result, at the beginning of this decade the shirt ruled absolutely and over time we were passing a chess style to another, but always maintaining the interest in pattern. Came to madrasafter the vichy and the woodsman, among others that became part of our wardrobe permanently and, even after several prints and patterns to occupy the spotlight on men’s collections in recent years, the shirt remains an essential item for stylish looks that require a dose of chance.

Here anycountyprivateschools lists 10 looks that prove that the Plaid Shirt is still rocking:

Men’s Plaid Shirt look with sporty touch

Here we have two examples of how a Plaid Shirt can fit in a look with sports grip. To achieve a result similar to invest in t-shirts, sweaters and coats blend sweatshirt, running shoes with visual clean or those that fall between the sport and the retro. The jeans enters the combo, but there is also room for a jogger Pant Twill. To complement, a mailman bag leather, canvas or nylon, the material will depend on the occasion, i.e. work, walk and academia respectively.

Men’s Plaid Shirt with jeans trucker jacket

Two examples about equal where the size of the chess ends up influencing the final result. That’s one of the nice things of this pattern, small changes can generate different looks! As in both cases the tops are blue, Brown Twill pants come in making the contrast. The shoes also coincided, both are the top boots is a moc boot (boot moccasin type) and the bottom a desert boot, but a canvas tennis or even a casual shoe can also help compose the visual. Missed a belt in the picture, but the look is so casual that the possibilities are endless, serving since a marine with a braided brown leather threadbare.

Men’s Plaid Shirt with denim blazer

The blazer is essential for anyone who wants to ride a combination more aligned, can be for a date, a ballad or work with the formality changing according to the environment. The combo above is very casual thanks to jeans and footwear, but can be more serious if you include a pair of chino Marino and a brogue shoe of nubuck, in this case you can attend a working environment with liberal dress code, no problem.

Men’s Plaid Shirt contrasting with knitting

The tricôs that are high this winter, and promise to continue like this, they also make success when they find a Plaid Shirt, especially if it has a color pattern that causes high contrast as the orange of the above piece. The dark jeans will help to elongate the silhouette, favoring who is low, dark colors help you look slimmer, pleasing the chubs and the collar of the shirt collar knit and draw attention to the face which is perfect for anyone who is too high. Here’s a look that meets all!

Men’s Plaid Shirt look normcore

Visual normcore, which we also know in Brazil as “basicão”, consists of simple and comfortable parts meet, that’s why the Hoodie always is involved in this type of combination, in addition to jeans and beat-up white sneakers canvas classics. Are there any debt of a Plaid Shirt doesn’t fit ai in the Middle?

If you want to give a touch more, work on the clock and on bracelets, that doesn’t get the simplicity of the costume but shows style!

Men’s Plaid Shirt with light mesh

If you do not work using formal clothes, can call this look uniform. They pass the month using the same combination of parts just changing the colors and kinds of chess! In the summer, get rid of the mesh and change the boot for a shoe down. If you want to give an incremented, use tie, the accessory gives a nice visual upgrade.

Men’s Plaid Shirt look “almost” lumberjack

It is impossible to look at a shirt that has as its basic colors black and Red without feeling the vibe “lumberjack”, because if you get in the spirit, add a heavy leather boots and a dark jeans to complete the kit. The cool thing here is that the result is the same, but still, you’re different from guys barbuda you been doing cosplay of wood cutter. ; P

Men’s Plaid Shirt summer look

In the days of heat just isn’t worth flannel Plaid Shirt, but the cotton gauze, lightweight models are highly recommended, they may accompany a jeans destroyed light Twill pants, or a jogger. Chess patterns more suited for summer are those that have brighter colors and relaxed that gain prominence under strong light, such as madras, for example, whose original colors used in India were always vivid and contrasting. Choose a very light footwear and, if you want, dispense the socks to ensure freshness the most, but don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.

Men’s Plaid Shirt with matelasse jacket

Another item that is emerging in recent years is the matelasse jacket, although it’s not bulky piece lined as a jacket doudoune and serves very well to look for work, just combine with certain elements, and in this case we are referring to a Plaid Shirt with a pair of discrete and vichy, a boot or shoe casual. With the already mentioned earlier, the tie always serves to reinforce the professional character of the look, even if you work in a place where there is no requirement of a dress code.

Note: In this article we show only casual examples with Plaid Shirt, but discrete standards as the window pane and the vichy small can do just fine with a custom for occasions when the costume is not extremely formal, but there is a need for something elegant.