Men’s Hats

By: camillebrion

If women want to be flawless, well dressed and well arranged, with men is no different, especially in the 21st century where freedom in fashion for them is even greater.

Between clothes and shoes, one of the accessories that usually stand out enough are the man’s headdresses. Quite used to increment a simpler production, or put even more charm in an impeccable production, they have conquered more and more space – literally – in the minds of men.

There are several models of man’s headdresses, and each of them has a more appropriate indication is according to the style of clothing that is being used, place or occasion. Now look at some of the models of man’s headdresses and which one suits you.

Models of man’s headdresses

• Fedora Hat

The biggest gangster Fedora Hat style exudes style and personality. Is a striking accessory, especially for fans of films such as the Godfather, for example. Its small tabs protect well the face of the Sun, and are also great for hiding that “bad hair day”. Oh, plus you can also change the color of the Ribbon.

• Coconut Hat

The Bowler Hat, also known as Charles Chaplin‘s hat is an accessory that was very successful in the decades of 50 and 60. With a sleek design and outstanding feature is quite wanted to compose looks from costume party and plays. A fashion icon of a big movie star.

• Pork Pie Hat

The Pork Pie Hat merges the modern and retro, composing a stylish accessory, stylish and gives a special touch in production. Versatile is a hat that fits easily into a variety of looks and occasions since offers several colors.

• Cowboy hat

One of the most sought after male hats, whether for shows, travel or costume parties, is the cowboy hat. To compose a more rural production, mainly during a trip to the farm, for example, is a very characteristic and accessory option that makes all the difference.

For the stylish, these are the tips of man’s headdresses that will leave your production even more complete and full of elegance. Choose the template that matches the more your style.

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