Men’s Canvas And Leather Bags Of Wood & Faulk

The Wood & Faulk is not a great leather products for men, on the contrary, it is the initiative of a guy who identifies himself only as Matt, but that has a lot of talent and taste for produce, artisanal way, their handbags and accessories.

The very name of the company comes from Woodrow and Faulkner, two streets that Matt lived as a child and in your site you can see how the small production, but careful, gives vent to creations based on classical models of bags used by American workers. The materials used are more bullish than ever: waxed canvas with leather details, rustic look that appeals to the male audience on in casual style with a vintage touch.

As always ask me where to find this kind of scholarship here in Brazil, is the hint, the Wood&Faulk sells for our country, because it uses thePayPalsystem, but first of all I must tell you that the value of the products is low and the shipping charges and other charges should weigh in your pocket. Anyone with travel abroad can consult the site for the shops work with the brand.

Another nice thing are accessories like leather belts for cameras and guitars, or portfolios and covers for iPhone in the same material, but still found the high value, search more this type of product before you drop the hammer.

Also worth a visit to the blog of Matt from decorating tips to pictures documenting the creation of sold pieces for him. How has experience as a Carpenter, it is common to see the boy in Kansas showing how to make useful furniture and objects to the day to day.