Meet the Three Collections and the 34 Apple Watch Models

The world was stunned with the big news from Apple, Apple Watch, smart clock that will take all your information more relevant to your wrist.

In addition to all the features the Apple Watch, as the health controls, notifications, GPS indications and more, what else has drawn attention to the device was just your style.

The Apple Watch is beyond a device a fashion accessory, with 34 different models on LOCALTIMEZONE, divided into three main collections:

  • Apple Watch;
  • Apple Watch Sport;
  • Apple Watch Edition;

So far, no other manufacturer of smart watches had focused the product this way, as a fashion accessory.

We currently have many smartwatches available on the market, from brands like Samsung, LG and Motorola, but few had great receptivity, the most famous is certainly the Bike 360, very nice by the way.

The Samsung is already investing in this market for two years, however, the lack of focus of the product and the total renovation of concept in every new release confuses users, who do not know until when will receive technical support.

In this sense Apple is well focused, took longer to announce to the world your creation, but came with amazing 34 models of bracelets, divided into three categories, including one with 18-carat gold box.

Who besides the Apple would be so bold?

Apple understands that the watches are immediately connected to the people, according to the company’s product more “personal” ever released for it, therefore, has developed a very stylish and customizable product.

Let’s meet so the three lines and show each type of bracelet.

Apple Watch

If there is a point in Apple Watch over competitors is the finishing, the Apple smartwach has levels of detail and incredible finish.

Apple Watch line is made of type 316 l stainless steel, austenitico steel with 2.8% of Molbdeno, forged in a low-temperature process, which strengthens processing up to 40% stainless steel resistance, protecting and corrosion.

In addition, Apple has added a layer of diamond-carbon DLC to give “Space Gray” much more spectacular.

Sapphire glass, the transparent material and hard of the town after the diamond, scratch resistant so that your Watch look new Appel for a long time.

The box can be chosen in two colors, silver or black.

  • Price:$549-$1049 (38 mm) $599-1099 (42 mm) * depending on the model of the bracelet;

Apple Watch Sport

The Smart Watch collection Apple Watch Sport is designed for people who have a more active lifestyle, the difference with the previous model is your finish and materials used in manufacturing.

This model has a body made from aluminum “serie 7000”, 60% more resistant than aluminum, which offers a quite lower weight, ideal for use during your walk, bike, gym, etc.

Has silver or gray box option.

Other than Watch model, the Watch Sport has no Sapphire screen, it uses the glass screen “Ion-X” which is an aluminum silicate glass shock-and scratch-proof, reinforced through an ion exchange.

Details like these, with the change of materials, shows Apple care to fit the ideal product to the correct target audience. We’ve never seen this in other brands that put all users into one “stereotype”.

  • Price:$349 (38 mm) $399 (42 mm);

Apple Watch Edition

The collection Edition is the most chic of all, this is focused on the luxury market, fashion, with only six variations of unique bodies of 18-carat gold, manufactured according to Apple to be at least twice as much more durable than gold.

This screen is also of Sapphire, like the first model, we were very curious to know how much could cost the Apple Watch Edition, since Apple has yet to release official prices.

Apple has decided to offer 6 types of bracelets for the Apple Watch Edition, since the boxes will be 18-carat gold, both the traditional yellow as gold rose.

  • Price:$10,000 (38 mm or 42 mm);

Bracelets like personalization element

The bracelets are the charm of Apple Watch, with these bracelets the user can combine and create a unique template from one of the three collections mentioned above.

There are basically three types of materials used in manufacturing of bracelets:

  • Fine leather;
  • Ultra-durable Fluoroelastômero;
  • Stainless steel;

Between the options of leather, found famous leather of prestigious manufacturers, such as the Dutch ECCO, tanned in Italy and France, in addition, have important details as special woven fabrics, with the goal of making the Bangle material is more durable and flexible, as the materials used by NASA to produce the parachute strings of the Mars Rover.

The metal bracelets are manufactured by Milanese Loop, being the first product to use the magnetic stainless steel, being a combination forged specifically for Apple.

In addition to the different materials of the bracelets, we also find different options for clasps, each evidently already with your due date. You cannot choose a bracelet and trade deadline, we are only showing the available options. Cannot make a new combination:


For complete information about the Apple Watch, we should focus on the boxes that are the heart of the Apple Watch. If technology Treaty, all of them are equal, use the same hardware, i.e. There is no Apple Watch faster, more complete or more roles, all are equal.

Starting from this premise, we have six different bodies for election, in three different materials:

  • Stainless steel;
  • Aluminum;
  • Gold;

Each also has two variations of colors, which you can watch below:


The Apple Watch still comes in two different sizes, you can choose the one that fit better on your wrist.

The sizes available are:

  • 38 mm;
  • 42 mm;

Choose the size is the initial leg to decide how will be your Apple Watch, so you should choose the collection, one of the three who commented above, then the bracelet.

Are 34 possible combinations of plant, but we will likely see wristbands being manufactured by third parties, as is the case with the capinhas of iPhone that we see out there.

There is a great interest in the market to meet the demand that the Apple Watch will generate, certainly we will see very interesting accessories coming soon.

Final Considerations

The Apple Watch is one of the most discussed fashion accessories in 2015, there is still forecast for the arrival in Brazil, it is known that Apple is working to approve as soon as possible your device together competent agencies (ANATEL).

Outside, the price will begin at U $349, can you imagine how much it will be available in Brazil? A bet?

I believe that will not go for less than R$1200, you would buy anyway?

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