Meet the Best and Most Profitable Doorphone Kit on the Market!

Let’s look at the Intelbras IPR 8010 intercom?

Meet the Best and Most Profitable Doorphone Kit on the Market!

Anyone who is looking for more security in their residence, nothing better than having the best electronic security devices.

In addition to the Intelbras Interfaces have an excellent cost-benefit, the product still brings a series of features and utilities to increase the security of its equity.

Anyone who has used an electronic door opener knows all the benefits that this device can bring, if it is electronic security.

If you are looking for a good product to integrate with your system and are undecided about the best option available, continue reading because in the following lines, we will talk about all the features and tips of using the Interrupter Intelbras IPR 8010.

Intelbras Ipr 8010 Interfaces: Key Features

The Intelbras IPR 8010 intercom  fulfills all the functions of a standard electronic doorphone, in addition to adding new features characteristic of the brand’s products.

Meet the Best and Most Profitable Doorphone Kit on the Market! 1

In addition to allowing conversation with the caller, this intercom can open 2 locks (dry contact and 12 V electromagnetic lock).

The porter Intelbras has power in the external module and anti-sabotage system, via digital protocol, which contributes to increase the electronic security of your residence.

In addition, this appliance has a system that can be adapted to any alarm center.

In practice, if the intercom Intelbras suffers some type of vandalism, the device will sound an alarm when it is being vandalized via

The IPR 8010 series has a much appreciated feature: the possibility of accepting a magnetic sensor using wire, allowing the intercom to sound an alert warning if the gate remains open.

This sensor increases the security of your home and few products in the category have this technology (for a very affordable price).

Tips For Using The Porter Intelbras

The installation must be performed by a qualified professional, since it must be done properly so that the product works in a 100% efficient way.

Meet the Best and Most Profitable Doorphone Kit on the Market! 2

The Intelbras intercom is indicated for residential use and can also be used in companies of any size.

It is easy and fast to install and very simple to operate.

By having two types of lock, the IPR 8010  ensures more safety to your home.

In addition, the anti-tamper system, in addition to preventing vandalism, can still inform the user(via digital protocol) if the device has experienced any vandalism attempts.

What can become a guideline in increasing electronic security around your equity.

What Are The Main Advantages Of The Intelbras Interfaces?

The first advantage of the intercom Intelbras is, in a first moment, the cost-benefit.

Meet the Best and Most Profitable Doorphone Kit on the Market! 3

The product is very cheap, especially if we compare it with other products in this category.

It is easy to install and is very sturdy.

In addition, it features state-of-the-art anti-sabotage system and a host of features that will increase security in your home.

Whoever is looking for a good intercom / intercom to install at home or in the company, theIntelbras IPR 8010 Intercom is one of the best options available in the market.

Price Of The Porter Kit IPR 8010

As previously mentioned, for all that Intelbras intercom system is really differentiated and is the preferred choice of installers for low price and technology available.

If we compare with competitors like HDL and AGL, the performance will be much higher and the investment value turns out to be very economical.