Medion Akoya E6228 (MD99050)

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All clear: there are nicer notebooks as the Akoya E6228. With its simple, dark, it looks like other bread and butter notebook from Medion. With a high lifestyle factor it can not score so, especially as the housing when the screen lid slightly creaking. On top of that, the mount is so firm that you must press the machine with one hand on the table to open the screen with the other. As it is s the inner values, the COMPUTER screen test clarifies.
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Matt screen, little brightness

the display of the Akoya the edge of the screen is anti-reflective, matt. So disturb no reflections when working. The image quality is OK: on the 15.6-inch screen, the Akoya presents the notebook of this size standard resolution 1366 x 768 pixels. The neutral colors and balanced contrast display photos and videos. The screen but not evenly distributed the brightness, that stands out in a blank Word document.

Medion Akoya E6228 (MD99050)

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great store, lame processor

minimum or fully equipped? Here there are light, but also shade when the Akoya E6228 :


Cool base, low noise

The notebook remained pretty cool in the test: 14 degrees allow the womb operation, without that’s uncomfortable hot is. The Akoya itself in demanding tasks remains quiet with only 0.8 sone.

Long Working Hours, long Video Playback

measuring battery life revealed a real surprise: while surfing the Internet and working with Word and Excel, the Medion had only after 4 hours and 18 minutes against the socket. And while watching video’s lasted almost 5 hours enough for three feature films. At many comparable notebooks, the battery is empty after 2.5 hours.

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Useful accessory, much software

Along with the Medion notebook, there is a TV receiver (DVB-T) together with the remote control. And the software package is quite extensive with Office starter and a regular program for processing photos.


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Conclusion: Medion Akoya E6228 (MD99050)

Clear the Akoya E6228 is not the fastest notebook. Fürs surfing in the Internet and working with Office programs but always enough. Also it comes with a relatively large hard drive, has fast Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth on board and offers a very long battery life. As an Encore, a TV receiver is located in the package for 479 euros customers can no longer demand.

Pro Large hard Drive Long battery Life Anti-reflective Display quiet Cons For elaborate Games to Test slow, Note of the Editors of 2.33 good Price: 479 Euros, Sales Start at Aldi: 30 July 2012.


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