Maxi Scarves and Stoles

Nothing to save row or fabric that winter, at least in terms of scarves and stoles, this is over, the hype, the drama … was announced the pre-fall collections.

The factories should have put yeast in these items, which are arriving in folded size, but may in some cases be used as blankets. Brands worldfashion darlings like The Rowof the sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, backed the accessory in giant size, with many overlays and moorings. Let’s learn more about these accessories super charming?

Some of the accessories that are winter trends for 2016 from Localbusinessexplorer.

Without doubt, the scarves, stoles and scarves are versatile accessoriesthat allow use in many ways, super practical time to heat up and may be the key piece of a production.

According to the encyclopedia of fashion, these pieces are precursors to tie, the use of this material around the neck arose with Roman soldiers that would tie a wet cloth called “focale” for cooling off on hot days. Later, so the piece would be used by the French, who wore scarves in the neck called “cravates”.

Today things have changed a bit, and that securing fabric around the neck can come in three versions: the scarf, scarf and scarf.

Although the accessory has, in general, the primary function of protect against the cold and the wind, it differs by the material and cut: the scarf is a piece of square-cut and lighter fabrics, scarf and scarf have a rectangular cut, fabric: scarves are manufactured in fabricheavier and have bulky effect to protect the neck and throat, while scarves are made of lightweight fabrics or more noble, and can be used also in formal events, covering the shoulders, for example.

The back in style the scarves and stoles
Style, the accessory that winter is coming a lot bigger, exaggerated size, and the largebrands seem to all have decided to highlight scarves and stoles, and label the jeanswear considered super cool, Acne, also decided to bet high on this tendency of the magnifying lens on these accessories.
Aove, the cute sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the housewives brand The Row, you bet strong on this trend.
It’s all so over that, sometimes, the play almost covering the face of the models, the brand also has models with patterns, which are still accompanied by feathering.
Against the grain, the Burberry offers a lighter and more delicate version of the item, perfect to finish off the look in our mild winter.
Vale mix patterns, or even follow a more classic line, since the result is harmonious.
The trend is to make the main focus of the piece look.

Is to use a scarf so big that can also serve as kept.
A tip is to try to match the scarf or scarf with mini skirt, the result is a look beyond stylish.
OK, our cold -at least, in most regions of Brazil here-no temperatures as low, the tip in this case is to change the wool or fabric line.
Many people still failed to realize the power of this accessory in a production, which may be the most basic of basic, always gets a more sophisticated air to him, the important thing is to know how to use the defaults or create super interesting contrasts.
Just remember that, as the gadget came in a much larger version, it takes a lot more caution in time to make the combinations, that can go from casual, informal, to the more sophisticated and formal.

Plus, no play only in scarves and scarves serious, sober, formal, if playing on mix ofprints, patterns and super colorful and even overlaps with different patterns, playing mix styles!
Anyway, this accessory is tired of being an extra and want to be featured in the production, the minimalism with he no longer has this winter the emphasis is for the accessory in their production.