Maternity Diaries: Best Blouses for Breastfeeding!

Hi, beautiful people, the subject of today’s post mixes the two subjects I’ve always been talking about: Fashion and Maternity!

Those who accompany me know that I am entering the final stretch of gestation(yesterday I did 34 weeks-eighth month), and next month we will have the new and illustrious resident of the house here(#ansiosa).

Well, at the end of my pregnancy I stopped worrying about maternity clothes and started researching the best clothes for breastfeeding, and I will share with you a little of what I found in my research!

1- Breastfeeding bra:

Folks, nothing to want to adapt the traditional bra for that moment. The nursing bra has a hook for you to lower the bulge of the bra and thus release the nipple for the baby. Mega, ultra, easy and necessary power. I have tried some and the tip here is to buy those socks, without bulge and hoop, because these make it very difficult and can even hurt when you lower to release the nipple.

It also has the specific bra for the dawn, it has no hook or anything is all smooth to give the greatest comfort possible at bedtime, but also is super easy to take in the front by being pierced.

Now, if you bought the sock bra and find it comfortable to sleep too, you can save a little.

2-Breastfeeding T-shirt:

Just like the bra there are shirts that also have the hook, and are a great option for the base of the look. Just put these shirts underneath coats, vests, jackets and even open shirts memo that gives to put together very interesting looks, with mixture of prints and everything else!

Look at 2 examples of look with a shirt:

3- Button shirt:

Hungry baby is crying right, so the word of order here is speed! So nothing better than the good old button-up shirt. Unbutton 3 buttons and you’re ready to start feeding your baby. The trick here is to avoid fabrics that knead too much.

4-Crossed neckline:

Just like the sleeping bra, any piece, whether it be a blouse, dress or overalls that have the neckline pierced, are super easy to lower, which generates speed in the process of breastfeeding. And there are a lot of cool models out there, after all it’s not because we’re breastfed that we can not be fashionable, right ?!

I’m ready to breastfeed like a fashionista, and you ?!

I hope you liked the tips and see you next week !!!

Kisses and more kisses