Maternity Clothing H & M

Maternity clothing H & M for Spring / Summer 2016? A collection for possible future more attentive mothers fashionable, but also to budget and practicality, are spoiled for choice. The clothing chain low cost offers a wide selection of clothes and accessories for all, including pregnant women.

The most romantic will opt for light dresses with the floral print and fluttering details, bearing the ordinance cut under the breast or low waist to make way for the rapidly expanding belly. There are also plenty of tunics and tops with soft lines, bright colors and fun, combined with soft skirts or jeans, for example.

For expectant mothers who, however, can not give up the classic look and rigorous even while pregnant, there are pants and pencil skirts, blacks dresses with clean and minimalist design, shirts vaguely masculine flavor, but the more feminine design and cardigans wide and linear.

Choice even for the most dynamic and sporting pregnant.

For those who do win on all the practicality and comfort. For them there are leggings and skinny jeans stretch, but also pants sports, tank tops and sweaters in very comfortable cotton. For them that the sneakers and flat shoes are the best friends, Healthvv guarantees a wide range of possible combinations: the skinny jeans tailor made for the belly, for example, it mixes perfectly with the over mesh cotton slightly elastic and, just to top it off with a touch of glamor with modern lines micro biker jackets or cardigan sweater.