Maternity Clothes-Zazou

One more post I know you guys will like it, because there are a few options for use in different maternity shirts more classics.

At Zazou has a room of Homewear, which are comfortable and great for use in everyday life, at birth, and stay home in the postpartum. All with openness and practicality to breastfeed.

You will see some pieces that I liked and I’m going to use on one of the days that I will stay in the hospital.

I’ll start with this line grey from the picture above I found a grace, because it is comfortable and is in the middle ground between the knitted clothes and pajamas. Have a choice in sweater, blouse with pants, and also the hobby combining. I think it’s important to have at least a hobby for use on motherhood over sweaters or Pajamas as well as heat if more chilly, protect clothes during the day.

Version Pajamas-blouse with pants

Sweater version

With Hobbie lace sleeve

Lace detail and bow, super delicate.

This is a mesh chemise. I bought the blue and golinha with the hobby. But it has with the collar in pink and purple too. I bought it to use soon after childbirth because it is more comfortable than the chemises de chambray ( that I’ve shown here ) and that I’ll use in 2 days. And if anything I’m done without seeming too visit pajamas!

This is the hobby, cream and white and 2 mesh fabric or towel. Fall super well because it looks like a dress, are more evasê at the bottom, getting pretty feminine. I bought the white which is a Joker, I’m going to use on top of the other and chemises after use in home straight, and you can also find one from .

This set comes with blend and white Cardigan, perfect!

This too, is a sweater with a shirt on top, super cool as it gives a touch more tidy and is not transparent.

These are the sets of Plush for who likes to wear some clothes that don’t look like Sleepwear and is more laid back. Have 2 models of coat, with and without mooring at the waist and various colors. What is good of plush is that you use after for everything.

Variety of colors, plush knit homewear and leggings.

Some of these items selling in webshop of Zazou.

And in the coming days I will publish the list of the suitcase of motherhood mom and baby to you get organized with the items and quantities right!