Marathon Fishing in Venado Tuerto

This week that step appeared the real monsters in deer. We start the week of fishing in the NAP schedule Tuesday, they were just a couple of hours to test a new artificial really surprise me carry, hand amazing toys new and on the other to achieve nailing 3 beautiful taruchas and a very good weight 3, 2 kg. Was a sunny day and very little wind, almost ideal conditions, this time were hunting on surface…

Wednesday alongside Franco did a night fishing, waded with line type plop and initially cost us a little bit until they began to bite. We were able to stick about 4 or 5 each, one each above 2kg. Day Thursday I called Federico friend of the TEAM and obviously we went out fishing. We went to a beautiful lagoon that he did not know and I argued had big fish.

After awhile insist were able to find them in a clearing near the reeds, Fede with a decoy oreno and I with a turbo hoplias lures, which gave the best results. We were able to nail 5 or 6 each and Fede was picked up with a very good 2, 2 kg. As the week, ending on Sunday – day of many plans – weather not helped us at all, it rained throughout the night and morning, leaving all the waterlogged roads.

After noon with a light rain and windy, we went with Malcon a puddle which is on the route, the only place where we could arrive to soothe our desire to fish. We were wading an hour and managed to nail 3 / 4 taruchas each one of medium to small. The subject was to be fishing and we did it… Each and every one of the catches were returned to their habitat.