Makeup Trends for Brown Eyes

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, you must truccarli to perfection. And each iris color scheme may be emphasized by ad hoc tricks that gift a definite style and intense sophisticated elegant or the femme fatal depending on their personality.

The make up, you know, improves face of every woman, that beautiful, with the right tricks, it can become even more beautiful, magnetic, elegant or aggressive in his choice. In particular, the eye makeup can be used to emphasize their personality, it being understood that you have to know the tricks, techniques and colors that allow iris to stand out, to make it look deeper or bigger eye.

The first thing to do when you are about to choose a color that might illuminate our eyes, is to understand which colors enhance and which turn off our gaze: when it comes to eyes hazelnut, chocolate or blacks, the choice falls on the use of the full range of solar colors ranging from yellow to burnt earth, from gold and not forgetting the now must-have carbon black indispensable for any woman. It ‘must, however, be more specific and detect a color cast brown iris to get the best result.

Makeup for Brown Eyes

Makeup for green brown eyes

Irises are those that tend to hazel, but possessing microscopic flecks tending to olive green, and are classified as light eyes. It ‘the easiest look make-up because it is well married in any color that can make it more aggressive or more romantic depending on the makeup guy, choices of colors and techniques used.

If you want to make the most magnetic look you need to make a couturing eye by applying a butter-colored eye shadow on the eyelid and a brown mink mat or just above, creating a shadow in the crease of the eyelid that will give definition thanks to a 3D effect. Then, using an eye liner in cream or a black eye shadow applied with a wet brush, it creates a dark frame around the entire eye, not forgetting to blend it with a clean brush, so as to make it more homogeneous. The same technique can also be more fully saturated, to obtain a smokey eyes, but in this case, being the very clear color of the iris, it is preferable to choose colors auburn or brown burnt, avoiding the total black or steel. Finally, an abundant volume effect mascara brush and you’re done. An important note to be reckoned with in the case of brown-green eyes, never neglect the definition of the eyebrows, which usually are clear enough: just a matte eye shadow in shades of brown or a special pencil, to get a more dense effect, framed face and intensify the look, always paying attention to the choice of the key, which is not too hot and not too dark, so as not to weigh down his face and his features harden.

Makeup for clear brown eyes

The clear brown iris may include the color shades ranging from golden to light brown, amber cognac. And ‘an eye that has to be made especially to emphasize the most of the look that generally becomes trivial with the wrong make up. The latest trend wants about these eyes, a trick called Pure Style fifty years, that confers elegance making it very glam at the same time. You are obtained by coating a primer on the entire eyelid and illuminating the eye with a concealer that eliminates dark circles and discoloration. Then, just a color eyeshadow milk, a large line of eye liner and a massive dose of mascara. For the most original or an evening make-up, new idea comes from the latest catwalks, suggests applying small dots obtained by tapping the tip of the eye liner gold or silver over the line you created earlier with the black one, thus obtaining a make up new and bright eyes. In both cases, a red lipstick and blush coral serve to complete the retro look.

Makeup for dark brown eyes

E ‘already an appealing look that must be respected in his profound nature. Using the makeup mirror from, the makeup artist of the election choice is black on black, for a smokey eyes effect rock, perfect for the evening, which can be made more glittering choosing eye shadows with micro-glitter, or more elegant tones mat. For those who dare more and is very good at eye shadows fade, this iris color lends itself perfectly for Peacock make-up: a make up of scenic effect which is obtained by mixing at least three complementary colors, which are usually yellow (in the closer to the tear duct), green (center of the eyelid) and the blue or purple (the outer part of the eye and the lower rim). The result is a colorful make-up and elegant, to be combined with a layer of gloss and a touch of pink blush on the cheeks.

In all three cases and any color is your iris, one must never forget that the best trick is making it look healthier. So never give up a good cover-eye circles that must be chosen according to dell’occhiaia color (to counter a blue shadow serves as yellow, to purple instead of the fishing), and always use a primer, which lessens fine lines d ‘ expression and allows us to make the colors of the most saturated and persistent shadows throughout the day.