Makeup in 5 Minutes

Many women have little time in the morning to take care of themselves, but there are quick solutions and practices. See how you can make a natural make-up for work, in just five minutes.

To do a quick makeup, all you need is a kit consisting of a liquid Foundation, cream or BB Cream; dark circles corrector; Compact powder; blush; eyeliner; mask eyelashes and lipstick in a natural tone.

Prepare the skin

Don’t forget to care for and protect your skin, by cleaning and daily hydration, preparing for makeup. And never, ever go to sleep dressed, no matter how tired you are. Today, there are micelar solutions, removing the make-up from the face and eyes, as well as refresh the skin. I love the formula H2O Bioderma Sensibio for sensitive and intolerant skin according to

Mirror and good lighting is essential

Please note the local lighting not to put surplus product or this be accumulated in some areas of the face. The ideal is to put with natural light and have a mirror that shows the face, in order to achieve a uniform and symmetrical makeup. For a makeup day prefer natural tones and dull.

Standardize the skin

1-Base, BB Cream or powder compact

Try to mix the moisturizer with the base. So, it saves time and moisturizes your skin, at the same time that evens the tone and corrects the imperfections of the face. Or, you can use a day cream with color and 50 FPS.

If you have oily skin, choose an oil free formula or you can replace the base by a compact powder which must be applied with a broad brush, after the broker.

Apply the base or compact powder from the Center out of his face, smooth movements. Spread the product in areas of the cheeks, around the nose and under your eyes. Apply enough at the hairline and ears, blowing well the base or powder on the skin, in order to avoid the so-called “masking effect”. The color must be the same as your skin tone, so as to avoid the difference of tone for the neck.

2-Broker of imperfections

To camouflage dark circles and small imperfections (pimples marks and blemishes), apply a broker with light touch, in order to cover this area, but without excess. Liquid formulas are easier to spread and get a more natural, than brokers in stick (that ensure greater coverage).

3-loose powder or compact

With the help of a wide brush, apply loose powder or compact in the face, after the base and the broker, to fix her makeup and remove the glow of the face. If necessary, take the compact for retouching the face throughout the day, especially if you have oily skin.

Highlight the features


To highlight your cheekbones and give a healthier air apply the blush, with a wide brush. The pink or Peach tones are more natural on white skin, while Brunettes should choose bronze tones and black women can bet on wine and brown tones. A good trick is to smile and apply the color on the cheeks which is highest.

5-eyeliner and eyelash mask

To highlight the look around your eyes with a pencil on the upper lid and blur the risk with the help of a cotton swab. Finish with the mask of eyelashes, applying it from root to tip. If you want to use pencils or mask eyelashes on the lower part, prefer water-proof products, so as not to risk getting your eyes blurry, throughout the day.

6-Gloss or moisturizing lipstick

Finally, choose a lip gloss or lipstick on a natural tone and to moisturize your lips. If you have very dry lips, apply first (or replace the lipstick by) a moisturizer and lip balm, so that these stay cracked or rough.