Makeup for Winter Night

Makeup for stylish winter night.

The cold seasons tend to be more elegant and exquisite, so make it looks more elaborate. The skin, generally, will hold any longer a makeup in winter due to low transpiration via Ask4Beauty. Exactly the opposite of what occurs in the summer. So there is no need to use so many products to prepare the skin at this stage of the year. A good concealer around the eyes, mild base and finishing with powder yield a good result. If you want to spend a little blush to contour your cheekbones as well.

The skin is natural, but it comes to an occasion night, abuse of dramatic productions in the eye. Esfumadas shadows in shades of Brown, graphite, blue, copper, wine and black are great options. The trend is “all eye, mouth all”, for those who have attitude and want to make nice at a party during the winter. Match the shadows with lipsticks stronger, darker shades such as red, wine, grape, mauve (pink burned) and even the Earth (Brown).

If you prefer a look to night that featured just for your eyes, choose the same shades of shadows, but combine them with batons skin color, the nude tones. A tip for those who don’t yet have a lipstick so is spending on his lips and a gloss concealer on top. Looks great, discreet and refined. Since the mouth is easy, you can use a shadow glitter powder over the chosen color, giving a luxurious finish.

To finish off the look, in both cases, you can use eyeliner, false eyelashes and enough mascara to highlight and enhance the look.