Makeup for Summer Night

Summer makeup tends to be colorful and cheerful by nature. Where, in the evening hours, it is worth to bet even more that bold and sexy aesthetic. However, always with sophistication and style to enjoy the night. For warm summer evenings, the idea is betting on stronger tones and lush, for the use of shadows blues, Greens, oranges, pinks, purples, reds and whatever else the imagination.

Good bets are in shades of black, Brown, and gold and silver metal. All this, combined with false eyelashes, to make the look even more powerful, in addition to many mask layers of eyelashes.

The eyeliner appears as one of the hits of that summer. To leave the look night summer even more fun, invest in colored EYELINERS, in bright colors and unusual, like blue, Orange, and metallic.

A nice tan can not miss the summer trend makeup, especially at night. To make a flashy modern look just right, highlight the natural Tan – or forged-, using brush strokes of bronzant powder and gold.

The gloss also emerges as the star of heat station, ensuring a fresh air and bright to make up. To leave your lips even more sexy, a great option is the colourful coral, Orange, peach, lilac, and pink nudes. See below for a walkthrough of a make special for beautiful night ballads boil:


-Base, concealer and powder your skin tone

-Eyebrow Pencil

-Illuminating White Shadow

-Shiny Black Shadow

-Mascara Black

-Black Eyeliner Pencil

-Peach Blush or Nude

-Peach lip gloss or Nude

Step by step:

-After cleaning, toning and moisturizing the skin, apply the base around the face. Then apply the concealer on dark circles and in possible blemishes and pimples and finish with a thin layer of face powder.

-Correct flaws or imperfections in the eyebrows with a pencil to it. If your eyebrows are too thin, or too light, care thicken them (without exaggeration) with the pencil so that they are well outlined and highlighted.

-With a soft brush, apply a small amount of illuminating shadow across the eyelid mobile, lightly faded to the middle of the upper eyelid.

-Even with the brush, apply the black shadow of the outside corner to the middle of the eyelid, faded enough. Apply the eyeliner pencil in the root of the upper and lower lashes, marking also the inner and outer corners of the eyes, bypassing them.

-With a brush eyeliner, lightly blow the black shadow at the root of the eyelashes.

-Finalize, by applying the blush high on the cheekbones, and the lip gloss, leaving from the Center to the corner of the lips.