Makeup for New Year

It celebrates the arrival of the year with the best makeup for new year trends and looks perfect on the last night of the year 2015. Use colors that you favor and are the perfect combination with the outfit you will use. Follow these tips and tutorials to look beautiful.

10. Skin

The first step in any makeup is to prepare the skin, it is important to hydrate and refine it to achieve a professional makeup, you can use your favorite creams and even a pre-basic of makeup.

9. Base

The trends of winter is very clean face, why choose a base very well covering the imperfections or if necessary apply a bit of concealer where you need it and sealed with a little translucent powder.

8. Covers dark circles

So your eyes eyes look fresh and rested, it applies a bit of concealer in dark circles to cover them, remember to use a concealer a shade lighter than your skin.

7. Outline

Apply a little shadow or concealer in a dark shade in the parts that you want to tune hundreds of your face, such as cheeks, nose, and chin, this will make your face look thinner and much more professional makeup.

6. Shadows

Choose ringtones coppers, silvers or golds, applies a color tone-based skin in all over the eyelid, a half-tone (gold, silver or copper) in the eyelid and smudge with a dark color applied by in the basin to create depth.


5. Eyes

It delineates the flush with the lower lashes with the shadow color you’ve chosen, you can apply a bit of glitter to give that more festive look in all of the eyelid.

4. Outlined

If the highly loaded looks like you can outline with a black pen or an eyeliner gel all eyelid both inside and outside, to achieve a more striking Makeup, but if you prefer you can apply eyeliner only on the upper lashes.

3. Tabs

You risky and used false eyelashes to create a more dramatic and especially festive look or you can apply several layers of mascara to give more volume to your natural lashes.

2. Blush

To complete this make-up is ideal to use a bronzer on cheeks, blends well to achieve a more natural finish, if you will use a dress with cleavage you can also apply the chest.

1. Lips

To finish your makeup can choose to take either tone nude lips and striking red lips, you choose which tone goes best with your personality.

Makeup step by step

Now let’s see how to achieve a perfect makeup to look amazing on the new year’s Party, choose tones that you like to match your outfit of the night.

1. Golden makeup

The gold always is ideal for night events, is a tone that will highlight your eyes and you will surely see elegant and very stylish. In addition, is a type of makeup this winter season following on trend. Dare to use it! just follow this tutorial makeup.

2. Makeup for teenagers

If you’re a teenage girl also you can see incredible, in this case just try not to exaggerate the amount of makeup you apply and use ringtones according to your age. Watch this video here to make it step by step.

3. Smokey eyes

If you are loving and adore how looks the tendendecia of smokey eyes, you have to see this tutorial to look amazing at the end of the year party.

The following options of makeup are perfect for any type of outfit that you bring in the new year, just follow the ideas you present and looks beautiful.