Makeup Can Be So Easy

3 easy steps-with a few products quickly top look like? Yes, that is. Whether in the job, going out, on the weekend trip, or at home at leisure: we show how to use cosmetics look beautiful in no time

It’s good in the job in 3 steps

Look 1

This makeup signaled confidence-and is very
1 complexion tarnish until very fine, then refine
Beautiful skin is important for a professional appearance-and therefore the basis of each job Makeups. Optimal: thin foundations, which turn into a slightly Opalescent gel on the skin. Add one drop to the back of the hand and with your fingertips after face pass (from the centre outwards). If that’s not enough, to shadow or redness disappear, apply the appropriate places. Finally, give a touch on the cheek Rouge or shimmer powder according to
2 contour eyes with eyeliner and mascara
A strong eyeliner above can be awake and focused work the look. With gel eyeliner in pencil form that is now quite simply, because the pen is well in hand, and its soft tip consistently provides the right amount of color. The PIN on the center of the upper Lidrandes set and slightly broader pull outwards. Then from the starting point narrow paint to the inner corner of the eye. Above strong, down delicately apply the eyelashes in black. Eyebrow with Brown pin front fill and extend sweeping outward.
3 the lips with Ferrari red in scene set
This color is for power and is just right in. Applied carefully, keep them longer and must be refreshed only occasionally. With matching lip liner, follow the lip contour. Then fill out the lips (applying color with a lip brush). For the trendy look of dull Press lightly into the skin a touch powder with a fingertip.

With 3 products super styled for the party

Look 2

Garden party? Beach bar? To summer evening looks, this makeup is a great eye-catcher
1 green eye shadow brings intense color effects
Bright green is one of the coolest trend colours this summer. Particularly exciting, it affects the eyes. Put it best, not flat, but specifically: on the inner half of the lid with the applicator ever a strong color accent in the crease and including, soft blur. In the corners, pull the green of the lash and the eyelid crease to the brewing up-how to use cosmetics also smoky eyes. Wet applied the color lights up even more intensively. At its brightest is the center of the eyelid, which increases the WOW effect. The eyebrow brush and may bring with a touch of cream or Vaseline to shine. Therefore, they form a sweeping limit of the eyes upwards.
2 black mascara makes the look tempting
The ultimate for sexy eyes: much black mascara. Attach top and bottom close the brush with skin contact on the eyelid, then amplified the eyelash approach as an eye liner mascara. Best twice apply mascara to the eyelashes, which intensified the look.
Glamour gives 2 Schimmergloss the lips
Apricot, coral, or a nude are the perfect complement to the spectacular eye makeup. With the applicator or your finger tip, apply the gloss on the lip middle and pass. In the course of renew that evening every now and then.

Equipped with 1 color for the weekend trip

Look 3

Look natural and pretty refreshed? For this make-up, you need only bronzer and transparent gloss
1 that fresh cheeks with bronzer powder and contour
You can forgo Foundation even on a holiday weekend, if you want. Gets a kick of freshness the complexion once easily drive over a bronzer palette with graded shades of brown with a thick powder brush and then from the forehead to the Chin through the skin. A second time about the darker colors of Bronzers paint and slightly below the cheek bone as Rouge dust up the powder. Outside use, brush the cheek middle. Also at the temples and the top of the hair line color give a hint.
2 the lids with bronzer powder shade
Although you could use the entire Brown scale, it is enough but if you be brighter on one and restrict a dark tone. Select the brightest with the most shine. Applying the color with your fingertip or an angled eyeshadow brush to the entire movable eyelid up to the crease. Unzip across to the lower eyelid. With a dark brown shade the outer half of the eyelid and the color drain almost up to the end of the brewing. Around also down shade to the outer corner of the eye. Strengthen the eyebrows with a matching Brown from the palette.
3 allowing shine lips with transparent gloss
The lips only gently scratch off (such as with a cosmetic towel), so that they are beautifully smooth, then cream. Then distribute a touch of transparent gloss with a fingertip on the lips. So they look natural and still great shine.

In 3 minutes pretty for the dinner invitation

Look 4

This delicate look looks really classy and is nevertheless very quickly done
1 gently apply complexion primer
If the make-up are predominantly light tones in the game like this for lips and cheeks, even the skin tone should be kept rather bright-in case of doubt, you look rather slightly paler than too toned. The complexion appears evenly, either one fluid foundation or a delicately tinted BB cream use (in which can be eliminated before even applying moisturizer with the day care). With your fingers ever a polka dot on forehead, cheeks, nose and Chin and quickly spread.
Give a delicate rosy tint 2 cheeks and lips
This is the fastest and most beautiful, if you can use one and the same product. For example a liquid Rouge, which gives color perfectly also the lips. A new combination of gel, oil, powder and pigments makes it possible. The cream can be spread exactly per applicator on the lips. Repeat the order for more color strength. As Rouge, the color with a few quick daubers on the cheeks is deleted and contours displayed with your fingertips. You do without gloss or powder it. Saves time again.
3 allowing rays shimmer eyes
Apply colored eye shadow and show normally costs the most effort. The fast, very effective alternative: Concentrate on a single eyeshadow color with much Shimmer in a tone that color harmonizes with lips and cheeks. Apply with the fingertip full-width on the movable lid. Brewing after stricheln, eyelashes, apply mascara to finish.