Magical Jewel From 21 Diamonds

How do you say beautiful?
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

So honestly, I must admit that small, discreet diamonds very well liked. However, I would have rather not too valuable piece of jewelry because it then only at home would gather dust in a box – you ask yourself now sure why?
Now, I would have permanent fear of losing it or getting robbed!The Wolf and I were recently a little jewelry look, because he wanted to see what I like so. We found a few nice things, but everyone look at the price tag left shaking his head.

In addition, I believe that there are also very beautiful pieces of jewellery made of silver , which are quite high quality, where I would be afraid but not all the time, that I rip off the chain or lose a trailer. Like for example just my newest baby, which I have ordered from 21DIAMONDS. My sister had recommended me the shop after I once again had some of their admired necklaces and earrings.

Browse in the shop of 21DIAMONDS really fun, because you easily find your way through the clear separation of the individual product groups. Already at the beginning you can meet to decide between watches, Jeweller ornaments and Marken(mode)Schmuck and already a little, financial priority. Available options are beautiful pieces of jewellery and watches, the in clear in the individual categories such as rings, earrings or necklaces, etc. are.

In online shops with such a large and extensive selection , I am always very pleased about filtering capabilities, so I in advance e.g. can set a certain limit me or limit me to a particular brand or material. Otherwise, namely, usually on the temptation to get or fall in love in a piece of jewelry, which is much too expensive. Luckily, 21DIAMONDS by the filter options saved me from an unpleasant surprise!

In love I have of course but in a cute silver necklace by ZEEme. Silver is my metal anyway, I have almost exclusively silver jewelry and therefore I could hardly resist, as the delicate necklace with the sweet heart pendant winked at me.
The chain itself is made of 925 sterling silver, the small heart-shaped pendant is studded with tiny cubic zirconia stones. Due to the slightly raised, plastic form, the heart works much better as if it were flat.

The chain affects the photo pretty big thanks to the large sections, if you put it but, not so big anymore see the links, but seem more delicate and subtle.
Just the bracelet took me 19.95 euro, because within Germany and Austria is 21DIAMONDS free shipping, so that is really only the product price to pay. Also, the return shipping if not satisfied òàê. is free – also, you have a 30tägiges right of return. I make it always just in jewelry from the Internet.

I got my order status always emailed, so I was always up to date. The shipping was relatively quick and the eco-friendly packaging with the folded strips of paper looked also still fine if then a white jewelry box on the black paper strips…
Although not easy, I really very happy with my order, that choice fell but there were cheaper, charming trinkets and through the free shipping, it may be also a bit more, does it?

I’m now discreetly make a bookmark the Wolf… Christmas is coming soon…