Macro Using The Reversed Lens Technique

Macro photography is fascinating, but for those just starting out in the area the special equipment for photos of nearby are frightfully expensive. Lenses and special flashes, however, can be replaced by a bit of adaptation.

The light is the easiest to adapt: do your experiments using natural light of the day is starting in photography search a location with a bit of shade, avoiding direct light and hard (with which it is more difficult to work.)

And expensive lenses? Well, you probably already have a great lens with you! Using the reverse lens technique you can turn a kit lens like the 18-55 mm or 50 mm (two lenses cheap) in a macro lens. photography

And it’s super easy: just remove the lens from the body and hold it upside down, as you can see below:

The main difference between using the lens normally or inverted is upside down you can’t control the focus by the lens itself. In this case the focus is done closing about the object. It takes practice (and attempts) to hold the lens in front of the camera because there’s no way rosqueá it – but if you have any of these lenses that I quoted above I can go to test the technique right now because it is not necessary any more ingredient.

If you like the game will find that it is worth investing in equipment specifically designed for macro. But if you do not want to specialize this technique is legal only when the will is playing to shoot some flowers or insects.

Adjustments In Technique

The legal reverse the lens is the economy and simplicity. But you can increase the technique a little buying both adapters to fit the lens so reversed as to control the aperture. You can also try homemade forms. In the two videos below you can see some more of these different ways of using the reversed lens, with more or less fittings:

Macro Photography with Reversed “G” Lens

Super Macro Tutorial Using Reverse Mount Ring Cheap DIY