Loafers Men: What Are The Most Common Types?

In first place is good make it clear that the male is a casual loafer shoes, so is not suitable for use with formal attire. On the other hand, are suitable companions for chino pants, jeans and tailoring, this last item preferably combined with more parts aligned, like shirts and blazers.

What Are The Differences Between Loafers And Moccasins?

Although it is commonly confused with the moccasin, the loafer male brings its peculiarities.The first of these is the fact that you’re a footwear more sober, though casual, because while the moccasin is very rustic, usually of Suede, the loafer appears in common, varnish or nubuck leather. The sole is also another differentiator, we found a rigid sole loafer in leather (in some cases less sophisticated) with low heel, while the moccasin is made of a piece of soft leather one-piece that may have some nails on the bottom when it comes to a driver, footwear made for who’s going to run.

The origins of the two also differ: the moccasin was created by American Indians, used especially hunters and traders, since the male appeared in Norway in loafers years 30 and were brought to the United States by Spaulding family who was also responsible for the current name of the shoe.

According to shoe-wiki.com, there are 3 types of loafers better known:

Penny Loafer

Can be identified by this strip of leather with a cutout in the Middle, in back of the feet. Legend has it that a trader named John Graves added this ornament to the loafer in hopes of creating a particular style footwear, baptizing them “weejuns”. The cut was intended to remind female lips and some people used to put coins of 1 cent (penny) as adorno, hence the name “penny loafer”.

Tassel Loafer

The tassel is a very common adornment in leather accessories like handbags and backpacks, but you can also garnish the top of the leather loafer, at the time of the instep. According to the story the first to use such footwear was Paul Lukas, a Hollywood actor little remembered today. The guy’s got a pair of shoes in Europe that have tassels (or tassels) at the tip of the shoelace, enchanted by the beautiful detail, Mr. Lukas asked a shoemaker that adapt to were incorporated into the leather. It seems that the trader was not able to do it in a way that would please the client, then the problem was taken to Arthur Tarlow Alden Shoe Company of Massachusetts who transformed Oxford into a slip-on with “topside lacing” and tassels on the ends. The model has pleased and Alden did not take long to put it on the market, making it a success since then.

Horsebit Loafer

The metal pieces, which resemble the brake used on horses, make that loafer. The first model of this type appeared in 1953 and was thought of Aldo Gucci, son of Guccio Gucci, founder of the famous brand that takes your name. Until today the shoe with this ornament in the instep refers to Italian brand and passes an air of sophistication and contemporary times, being so important to the modern fashion that one slip on the Gucci currently integrates the collection of costumes from the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

Monk Straps

Some people consider a type of loafer by not have laces and if you were curious about, you can read more about it here.

How To Use The Men’s Loafers, With Or Without Sock?

In the Decade of 60 socks and loafers for men were separated from the men preferred to use this type of footwear “sockless”, in recent times, with the sets of colored socks, shorter bars and male audiences increasingly disrespectful in the way they dress, many have changed the way of wearing his loafers. Some male style experts still say that it is not possible to wear them with socks, I’d say that is becoming optional.