Lisa’s Style, “Full Of Charm”: Fashion, Makeup, Hair And Jewelry

“Full of Charm”the novel of the seven who replaced”that Kiss”has already begun showing that came. With a plot so fun and very popular characters, the plot brings to the Brazilian people’s evenings much more joy and renders a good laugh.

The story involves successful singers like success sertanejo Fabian, played by Ricardo Tozzi, and Queen Chaylennerhythm.Cláudia Abreu’s character is a villain. Despite the snide and practicing against the ladies Penha (Such Aguilar), Rosario (Leandra Leal) and Cida(Isabelle Drummond) there is no way to have fun with her.

Eletroforró singer has the book signed by Andretonipara Sa. Your clothes bring references from national and international artists as harsh Vardhan, Madonna and Beyoncé. Extravagance is a good word to define your style full of accessories and flashy colors.

Her wardrobe includes pieces like pants attached, blouses with animal prints, feathers, sequins and really, really glow. The Golden reigns as much on clothes as accessories, always exaggerated. The shoes are very high jump.

The hair of the actress won a weave and your makeupvery strong reinforced the beautiful Claudia Abreu traits. During the concerts the costume of the character is even more flamboyant, with feathers, stones, transparencies and a lot of jewelry. It’s all a luxury!

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