LinkedIn Plans to Raise US $ 274 Million in IPO

Documents submitted to the US securities commission reveal the great ambition of LinkedIn: capture more than two hundred million dollars in its initial public offering (IPO, the acronym in English), which should happen next week. It is more a case of social network that reaches millions figures, if all goes well.

The IPO is when a company becomes public, listed on the stock exchange (the New York Stock Exchange, despite the tradition of technology companies list on Nasdaq). From that moment, anyone is free to buy and sell shares, according to the movements of the market and even personal convictions.

Each LinkedIn paper had its price set between $ 32 and $ 35. In total, the company could get up to $ 274 million in cash up front, which certainly would remunerate its investors and also ensure investments where LinkedIn sees fit.

Speculation in financial markets have already begun. Legend has – according to the Epicenter – that LinkedIn can reach a value around US $ 3 billion. Not bad for a network used by over 100 million people worldwide, including 3 million Brazilians (and rising).



LinkedIn to sell shares for $32 to $35 each in IPO

LinkedIn to sell shares for $32 to $35 each in IPO